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The Top 10 Most Intriguing Singer Songwriters

Killian is a connoisseur of pop culture. He's been writing about music online for roughly two years.

Ryan Adams


Iconic singer-songwriter and producer Ryan Adams has one of the most distinct voices and dedicated followings in indie rock. With a look that is instantly recognizable, Adams has been wowing critics and fans alike since his 2000 debut ‘Heartbreaker’. When not releasing award winning albums, making the news with high profile relationships with celebrities like Mandy Moore, Adams can also be found on tour packing the biggest venues with some of the most creative stage setups in the genre. You’ll know you’re at his show when he hits the stage in full denim, a Misfit’s T-Shirt and perhaps some larger than life sunglasses.

Kate Nash


English singer-songwriter Kate Nash is one of the most influential musicians of her genre, and over the years has branched off into popular television roles including Netflix’ popular series GLOW. Her often imitated vocal style is a true testament to her influence, and her on stage persona and proof of her theatre background and dedication to the art. An actress since a young age, even though most don’t know, gives Nash an edge on stage and in the studio that many artists will never realize.



As much a legendary brand as she is a unique voice and overall songwriter. One look and you’ll know it’s Björk, ranging from her music videos to her iconic look and larger than life music videos. Her beautiful vocal range and artistry is something that will never be duplicated, and if you’re lucky enough to catch her live it will be something the audience will never forget. For an artist with over 3 decades of success, this Icelandic artist shows no signs of slowing down.

Thom Yorke


Thom Yorke voice of who is often referred to as one of the greatest bands of all time, Radiohead. People worship Yorke’s projects whether he is fronting his iconic rock band, working on a solo project, or collaborating with unpredictable bassists like Flea of Red Hot Chilli Peppers. His beautifully haunting voice, oddly infectious stage moves and bold creativity put Yorke at the top of this list of most intriguing vocalists and musicians.

Betty Moon


This Toronto born songwriter and producer has a voice, quirky lyrical approach and sense of style that only few can successfully say they have pulled off (Madonna etc). With an incredible career in Canada and the US going strong since the 90’s, Moon’s popularity and intrigue has only been growing in recent years with releases such as ‘Pantomania’ and ‘Chrome’. Her infectious pop singles, rock n’ roll edge and simple but mind blowing music videos confirm Betty Moon has carved a niche and brand of her own and that’s what intrigues me enough to make this list.

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With her beautiful voice and sense of classic style, Adele takes the stage and sings from her soul in a way others can’t touch. Her soulful vocal range and pop hits have made her a mainstay in pop culture and even earned her a James Bond theme song, and that’s truly an honor being from the UK and notable worldwide. Those that see her live notice a lack of stage theatrics, and a stripped down “get to the singing” approach, which is all that’s needed when coming to hear one of the best voices of a generation.

K. Flay


US based singer-songwriter K. Flay has had quite the success in recent years with her charting singles and huge break with signing to Interscope Records in 2016. Brought to new levels by Imagine Dragons singer Dan Reynolds and his Interscope label Night Street Records, K. Flay has now had multiple film/tv placements and a GRAMMY nomination for best rock song. Her genre defying sound has earned her much hype in the music industry and her relatable lyrics have hooked her diehard fanbase.

Frank Turner


Frank Turner’s background and story makes him one of the most intriguing singer-songwriters on the list. With a background playing post hardcore band and being a fan of heavy metal, this UK native has a voice and style that would surprise you knowing about his prior tenure . With one of the most buzzed about fan bases in indie/folk music, Turner’s music never fails to impress and has his fans singing every word during live concerts.



With a voice that can bring grown men to tears, Sia has instantly been creating fans since day one and having even more success behind the scenes as a producer/songwriter. Her mystique is even more intriguing as she wears a wig to maintain a sense of anonymity and her music videos have imagery and a message that is open to interpretation. Many of her videos bring in a sense of theatre, ballet and art and she even brings in celebrity guests such as Shia Labeouf to her music videos.

Ed Sheeran


Ed Sheeran is proof that music is truly just about that, and the rest will simply follow-suit. The multi-talented English songwriter and producer has seen more success in his 20’s than most large artists will see throughout their entire adult career. From over 26 million albums sold to guest spots on Game Of Thrones, Sheeran is proof that with the right stuff a multi-faceted career is easy to uphold. This is all backed by a voice and infectious, relatable personality that makes him liked by other musicians and fans worldwide.

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