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The Tomorrow War Movie Review

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If someone from 30 years into the future asked you to come with them to fight a war against an alien species, would you go? Would you risk your life to save the future?

Dan Forester didn't want to go. He stayed in the present, teaching science to a bunch of high schoolers who had lost hope in even having a future. But, eventually, Dan no longer had a choice. A worldwide draft forced Dan to return to his military roots and lead a team to the future to fight the invading species called The Whitespikes. When Dan finds his grown-up daughter, they team up to find a scientific way to end the war before it begins.

Chris Pratt has been on a roll lately. Well...honestly, he's been on a roll ever since Parks and Recreation. He landed Guardians of the Galaxy which led to Jurassic World and so on. The Tomorrow War is another hit in a long line of hits, one I especially appreciated due to the fact that it explained and used time travel in a reasonable way. As opposed to Avengers: Endgame's "traveling to the past makes that past your new future" nonsense, The Tomorrow War used a traditional explanation but with a new twist. The future recruiters/trainers were young enough that traveling back 30 years wouldn't be a risk for them. They only recruited people over 40 because they'd all be dead in 30 years' time so no risk of a paradox. The arm band they used to send people forward was bolted into the arm and "bonded" with the person so that it could safely transport them. The whole premise and idea was fantastic and well-executed.

Chris Pratt and Yvonne Strahovski had brilliant chemistry in every scene they shared. There's even a couple moments where I couldn't help but tear up a bit. The writing and acting were both strong and supported one another perfectly.

I loved seeing Mary Lynn Rajskub again! She had only a small role but she was still just as much of a firecracker as she was on 24.

The creature design was fantastic. The Whitespikes were terrifying and the idea that their only weakness was their abdomens and necks was genius. They moved on four legs so of course it'd be difficult to hit them in their weak spots.

There' s a couple of twists in the film that are great surprises and are definite callbacks to previous alien and creature features. It's always nice when a director can make homages without his own film being predictable.

The only issue I had was with a small exchange between Chris and Yvonne. She created a toxin that would wipe out the monsters but it was too far along in the war to use it so she wanted Chris to take it back to his time and mass produce it in order to stop the war from ever happening. Chris agrees, but then adds, "And I promise I will come back and we will save this world." That line was completely unnecessary. I get that he feels guilty leaving his daughter behind but isn't that the whole point of taking the toxin back to the present? To save the world? If he gets the toxin back and prevents the war from happening, then his daughter will live and won't have to grow up in a war-torn world. So there's no reason to go back to the future. As brilliant as the rest of the film is, that one line created a plot hole that would have been avoided otherwise.

In conclusion, this was a fantastic, white-knuckle thrill-ride that keeps you engaged from beginning to end. If you have Prime, check it out! I give the film a 3.5 out of 4.

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