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The Titan 2018 Science Fiction Is Fishy Business

Big Blockbusters often hit their target with numbers, but how about the ride? Was it good for you?


What's It About?

In a time where the earth is set towards overpopulation, an experimental trial is commenced.

A military family is selected to take part in the ground-breaking trials to achieve space exploration through genetic engineering.

Our population has grown out of control. Our environment is in decay. Our resources have been depleted. Wars have ravaged our planet. We are fighting over the scraps of what remains. In ten years, half the planet will be uninhabitable. In 15 years, half the world's population will have starved to death. Time is running out. We've outgrown our home. Our children will witness the end of days. - Prof. Martin Collingwood

Brunette Piper from Orange is the New Black.

Brunette Piper from Orange is the New Black.

Quick Film Info

Director: Lennart Ruff shows his debut feature film after completing a few short films.

Writers: Max Hurwitz and Arash Amel.

Starring: Sam Worthington (Avatar), Taylor Schilling (Orange is the New Black), Tom Wilkinson (The Grand Budapest Hotel 2014) and Nathalie Emmanuel (Game of Thrones).

How long can you hold your breath underwater for?

How long can you hold your breath underwater for?

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How Was It?

The Titan has all the ingredients for a really great movie. Usually, plots involving a few strong characters with solid actors can hold up a story. Dr. Abi is from hit series Orange is the New Black ( as Piper). There's an experiment colleague Tally, who plays Missandei from Game of Thrones. Then there's Sam Worthington who plays Rick an Avatar by trade. One would think this combination alone would be a great end to a crappy day. Well, you would be wrong.

I'm not a science type. Science fiction movies I watch get ignored by the smart side of my brain. This movie, however, managed to eventually make me laugh out loud at the sheer stupidity of the story. Usually, I am all about my reviews being non-spoiler but this time, it's impossible to review just what made this wonderful landscape irritatingly maddening.

I love an end of days scenario. I do, and I also kind of like the thought of all this human genetic testing when applied to a science-fiction world. At one point, I thought this could actually be a prequel to an X-Men movie. Some nutter with clearance from top government agencies gets to commence testing on some tough humans with the intention of getting a few to live on an inhabitable planet.

My ear pricked early during a speech given to potential subjects announcing that Titan's the only planet left with an atmosphere. To get away with that, the solar system needs to be different from the one we currently live. It's not though, and they highlighted that with a fancy solar system night light for the son they bought to the house. The same house they get to live in while they do experimental tests on the daddy.

From there on it is a downward spiral of nonsensical unhinged ideas. It was almost as if someone took a completed story and ripped pages out of it. Then they scribbled in some ideas and shoved a few story arcs in it and made a movie.

Final thoughts

Somehow performing surgery on the remaining lab rats turned the final two into Avatars. These Avatars are unable to talk and have weird tentacles that come out of their arms. The non-communication thing was supposed to underpin the love between Abi and Rick. Somehow though, while Rick gets to be an alien alone on Titan, Abi remains to work on Titan II. Wonder what she is going to make out of the next batch of humans?

The transformation and final act are where it really blew up into a beautifully filmed and scenic travesty. I loved the use of the houses all the same lined up along the cliffs. Slowly all the lights go out as each of the test subjects meets weird and oddly unexplained deaths. But that's about all I loved.

I give The Titan 1.5 fish-man Avatars out of 5.

Sam Worthington as Avatar...I mean fish-man... I mean The Titan.

Sam Worthington as Avatar...I mean fish-man... I mean The Titan.

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