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The Strange Case of Butters Stotch

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Butters Stotch



Butters Stotch's Multiple Personality Disorder

Butters Stotch is a one of the main characters in South Park, and has grown to be loved by almost everyone who is a fun of the show. We didn’t know much about this character until season three of the show in the episode "Two Guys Naked in a Hot Tub" where he is playing a game with Stan and Pip (and another kid... don't remember his name). It is in this very episode that his character development begins and you just can't get enough of him.




Well!! Is He?

The first impression I got was that he was an adorable, innocent and weak boy who would yield to any command he was given, and for most part, this is true. Almost everything about Butters suggests a subtle vibe. The tone of his voice, the bluish shirt/jacket he wears all the time, his demeanor... He does not really portray any confidence and this is more so when he is being pushed around by Kyle, Stan and Cartman when he tries to become part of the group following the death of Kenny- Ahh Kenny... He is a mystery that one. One of things I noticed early on about Butters is that he tends to look down and rub his hands nervously in addition to mumbling whenever he is being ordered around. You just can't forget all the horrible things he has gone through from him mother trying to drown him to his friends fattening him and then trying to perform liposuction on him. All you could say during these first instances was "Poor Butters". This version of him could very easily be used to replace Tim in "The Life and Times of Tim".

In season 5, episode 14 "Butter’s Very Own Episode" we not only get to learn more about Butters, but also about his family. Butter's parents are extremely strict to the extent that he is grounded for virtually anything. This, in addition to the fact that he is constantly being pushed around in school is reason he has developed a multiple personality disorder.

In episode six of season fifteen "City Sushi" Butters is diagnosed with multiple personality disorder, but that clearly was a misdiagnosis, and not what I am focusing on here. From season five of South Park, we have seen Butters change in to a variety of personalities different to the personality we were first introduced to in season 3. Here, I am not referring to the personalities or characters he changes to when playing around with his friend.

When pushed to the corner, Butters has time and again showed his aggressive side. For instance, in episode five of season sixteen, where Butter is being bullied by his grandmother, he attacks and beats up Dr Oz and as the episode comes to an end, has some very chilling words for grandma... Some very disturbing words from an 8 or 9 year old to which grandma is unable to respond to despite the fact that she has been bullying him throughout the episode. In "The Magic Bush" Butters repeated shoves Cartman for misusing his dad's drone despite the fact that is one of those who bullies him constantly. In another instance, Butters unleashes a sinister alter-ego "Professor Chaos" in season 6 when his friends reject him is a somewhat dark tone where he vows to bring chaos to the world. These few instances show that Butters has a breaking point. Like the Hulk, he can turn in to a monster.

Butters is nervous

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Butters is Violent

Who is He Really?

We have also seen a mature side of Butters in a number of episodes when he interacts with his friends. He has given very grown up advice to a number of his friends about life in very interesting ways. For instance, in one episode, he is telling Stan why he does not have to change just because his girlfriend left him and in "Erection Day" he is explaining sex to Jimmy in a very interesting manner. This instances show Butters to be very mature when and able to use reason when he does. Butters has also been a pimp, pimping both young girls and grown women, creating a business that turns out to be very profitable in an episode titled Butter's Bottom Bitch. It is in this very episode that Cartman, when talking about Butters says "Dude, We've created a monster".

Different sides of Butters Stotch

All in all, we've seen different sides of Butters, these including:

His violent side - He even kicks his dad and shouts "I'm a bad man!!!"

His mature side - Where he uses reason to advice his friends

His innocent side - The Butters we think we know :)

His "not so smart" side - Butters is very easily manipulated in to making very bad decisions

Personality Disorders


I am sure I am reaching with the multiple personality stuff, but the fact remains that there are very many sides to him. It is for this reason that he has become one of best characters in South Park. In an alternate universe, Butters I would bet that Butters would turn out to become Kevin in "Split" or Ed Dakota in "Identity". While he may appear to be a very simply and straight forward character, he is very complex, and there is no telling what he can do. But then again, that’s why we love Butters.

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