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The Snarling - Indie Horror Comedy Review


I was fortunate enough to chat to the Director of The Snarling during filming and production. Then in March 2016, I attended an early screening at a venue in Worcestershire, England, to view the end results.

Cast and crew-members had gathered to enjoy the fruits of their labours in a venue close to the locality of filming. Filmed around Studley, Alcester, Redditch, and Oxfordshire, there was much excitement at The Artrix, Bromsgrove as the stars arrived to enjoy the screening.


The Plot

In art mimicking life, the movie is set during a film production of a zombie horror movie. Events soon take a turn for the worse, and the horror soon creeps into the real life of those involved in the movie.

We’re not just talking about actors throwing hissy fits, although the challenges of working with big egos does fall into the story!

Some unnamed terror had begun to stalk the locals and rip them to shreds. The audience was left guessing throughout who or what this could be, with plenty of twists to shake the viewer off the scent.

The unlikely heroes of the film are Bob, the landlord of The Dirty Hog (Ben Manning), and his regulars Mike (Chris Simmons) and Les (Laurence Saunders) who plays the part of the village idiot.

The three are pulled into starring as extras and soon find themselves up to their necks in trouble when the things start to go wrong with the production.


But disaster is not limited to the film's production crew.

As the body count rises, the local Detective Inspector (Pablo Raybould) is sent to investigate. Never far from a biscuit to fuel those little grey cells, he is always munching, even when scraping up bits of cyclists from a woodland floor!

His loyal assistant PC Haskins (Ste Johnson) is there to help solve the mystery but unfortunately has the wits of Blackadder's Baldric. What he lacks in intelligence, he makes up for in enthusiasm, and the pair play off beautifully against each other to provide plenty of laughs even during some of the more gory parts of the film.

The Cast

The Snarling has managed to pull in some really big names for the movie, including the legend that is Albert Moses (An American Werewolf in London, Octopussy), Julia Deakin (Hot Fuzz), Julie Peasgood (Hollyoaks), and Ashley Blake as the news reporter. Performances by all involved were impeccable.

In the interview below, Albert Moses talks to Director, Pablo Raybould about starring in a movie with his son (Alex Moses).


My Take

Clever throughout, the movie is slick and well-produced despite not having a Hollywood budget. The production team have proven that you can make a movie that people will enjoy time and time again without throwing millions of pounds at it.

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The composition of the cinematography really draws the viewer in, with some classic techniques used to increase the impact of both shocking and comical scenes.

The score by The Unfinished is professional and suits the movie perfectly.

Well-thought writing provides plenty of chuckles as one scene rolls to another, with perfect timing on gags. Some visual, some verbal, this film will have you belly-laughing the whole way through, perhaps with the occassional groan of horror.


There were some genuinely beautiful moments in the film, despite the horror comedy genre.

The team behind the film clearly knew what they were doing, and the result is something that was a pleasure to watch that easily matched the quality of Sean of the Dead.


A New Cult Classic

To summarise, The Snarling is clever, gory, and hilarious. I thoroughly enjoyed it. This movie will no doubt become a British cult classic.

The Snarling is currently doing the rounds within the indie film circuit and has had successful showings at London’s Leicester Square, the Cannes Film Festival, Wallingford’s Corn Exchange, the Derby Film Festival, and has recently been selected for Gen Con in Indiana, USA; the world’s longest-running games convention.

UK horror fans can catch it on Thursday 28th July 2016 at The Artrix in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire.

The Snarling has gory scenes and some swearing. Rated 15.

Follow the movie on Facebook, for details of showings and further events.


© 2016 Pollyanna Jones


Pollyanna Jones (author) from United Kingdom on June 11, 2016:

Thanks Jodah! I am sure it will get there eventually. It was such good fun.

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on June 11, 2016:

Thanks for the great review. What made this even better was that you were actually there for filming. The movie sounds/looks hilarious and I hope it comes to Australia or is released on DVD. Great job.

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