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The Slap Seen Around The World


Smith Apologize to Rock

Sunday night at the Academy Awards Will Smith goes up on stage and slaps Comedian Chris Rock because he made a joke about his wife's shaven head. This was a joke that Will found funny until Jada Pickett rolls her eyes. After the slap Smith goes back to his seat and yells for Rock to keep his wife fu----- name out of his mouth. Rock stood on stage not believing what had just happened to him. I have just been slapped said Chris, this is one of the greatest nights on television.

Will Smith was asked to leave, but he refused to leave. He assaulted Comedian Chris Rock, while the world watched. Anyone else would have been escorted out of the building in handcuffs. When Smith won the Best Actor Award for betraying Richard Williams, the father of Serena and Venus father. The audience gave him a standing ovation. The audience should have booed him for his outrageous behavior.

Smith's acceptance speech was not convincing, he apologized to the academy the audience, and the nominees but said nothing to Chris Rock. Will Smith took his Best Actor Award to the vanity fair after party. He danced and sang his own song Summertime, holding and waving his oscar around in his hand. Twenty-four hours later Smith made an apology to Chris Rock on social media, the apology was not sincere. My behavior was inexcusable and unacceptable, that's not who I am. The joke about his wife's medical condition was too much for him to take and I reacted.

If Jada Pickett Smile didn't roll her eyes, the 3 seconds joke would have been over, she fueled the fire. Jada Pickett knows what comedians do they tell jokes, to make a living even her husband Will Smith. Chris Rock did what most people would have never done, and that was to let Will Smith embarrass him while the world watched. What would the Academy do if Smith would have slapped a white comedian?

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