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The Sinner, Season 3: Mortality for Us All (Spoilers)

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Bill Pullman stars as Harry Ambrose, troubled detective, in The Sinner.

Bill Pullman stars as Harry Ambrose, troubled detective, in The Sinner.

I couldn't believe what I was reading. They don't get it. Even when they claim to like the show, they still don't get what this season was about. I had to do something.

So, that's why I'm writing this article. I've been watching The Sinner from the beginning, when Jessica Biel first starred in and produced the show and gave her own riveting performance. The show is psychological. Psychological thriller to be specific. And the third season is not different: In fact it might epitomize the term "psychological thriller". It goes deep. Deep into the mind and deep into the subject of death.

Jessica Biel is executive producer of the show The Sinner and star of its first season.

Jessica Biel is executive producer of the show The Sinner and star of its first season.

Harry Ambrose

Harry Ambrose is always wincing. He endures constant pain from sciatica and refuses to take pain medications. He looks like he can barely stand the pain and walks around with a limp, trying to keep up with killers and maniacs.

When he runs into his antagonist in the third season of the show, he meets his match. That sounds cliché but it's true. And it is the point of the season. He is mirrored by the troubled younger killer that confronts him with pain and promise. Promise sounds like the wrong word, but it's not. The suspect is always on the precipice of something greater but can't jump. And neither can Harry. But they both want to. Something itches them, irritates them and they just want it over with.

That pain just doesn't go away.

Jamie Burns

Jamie has a friend named Nick who really gets under his skin. But in a good way. And a bad way. He pushes Jamie. He pushes him in a direction he wants to go but resists the whole way. Both know there is something wrong out there. And in here. They see the veneer and easily see through it. But Jamie doesn't know what to do. Nick thinks he knows what to do.

We won't face death. It's there underneath the surface all the time. But we try to play our way out of it. We dance, we sing, we gyrate and shake; but we just can't break loose from our fate. In the end, we all must face it no matter how long we've avoided it.

And this is just as troubling to Ambrose. But he's no killer. He can't be anything like Jamie. Can he? He endures pain. He asks women to stand on his fingers. He seems to want to feel something.

Jamie sees a common urge in Harry Ambrose. The two become friends and it's a friendship Harry wants to try to believe is not genuine, is not based in any kind of real common ground.

That common ground is death. And that is common to all of us.

The Sinner, Season 3, Official Trailer

In the End We Must All Face It

Without giving away too much, let's say that Harry finally gets his hidden wish. He faces it. And it is as painful as he expected.

In the beginning of the season he predictably tries to avoid his father's death. He reluctantly takes his old effects from the nursing home. He's decided to face it we suppose. And the road he's led down by a murderer, allows him to face it directly, irreversibly. In this way, the two of them die together.

But no spoilers.

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Nathan Bernardo (author) from California, United States of America on March 03, 2021:

Yes, it really is a great show, Doug. I've watched all 3 seasons now, each time it gets better.

Doug West from Missouri on March 03, 2021:

My wife and I just finished season two last night. The Sinners is a good series and I am looking forward to watching season three soon. The shows keep you guessing.

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