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The Significance of Girl Group Akb48 Selling 20 Million and 30 Million Singles & CD's

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AKB48 Reaches Two Impressive Musical Milestones by 2014

There are milestones in a musical group’s history that are so impressive that they must be talked about and discussed. One such example is when Japanese girl group AKB48 reached two separate milestones, one of them being when they ended up selling over 20 million singles and CDs only to follow up that impressive feat with selling over 30 million by 2014. We begin with this impressive milestone by first discussing how their song called UZA played a major factor in these numbers.

AKB48 First Gets Successful Sales Figures With Their 28th Single UZA

Note: this next story is once again about popular Japanese girl group AKB48 as they have reached several milestones in terms of CD sales and this is news that the whole world can benefit from. There are huge milestones in the history of any band regardless of the style. This is now especially true of popular all-girl group AKB48. Their 28th single “UZA” (released October 31, 2012) has hit a milestone! It has now sold 1,129,000 copies in the first week of its release. It has now appeared in first place on the November 12th Oricon Weekly Singles Chart as of this first writing. I congratulate them as I had just recently got into their music at the first draft of this writing and they are pretty good. Note: 2012 is the year that I got into AKB48’s music and UZA was released that year.

A musical note.

A musical note.

The Significance of This Major Milestone Is Explained Here

This is the group’s 15th consecutive single to grab first place on the chart and the 10th single to exceed 1 million copies in sales. This makes AKB48 the 3rd group in a span of in 13 years and 11 months to have 10 singles break a million copies in sales and the first female singers to do so; The other artists to achieve such a milestone was B’z who achieved this with 15 singles, and Mr. Children also got this with 10 singles.

Since their CD debut in February of 2006, AKB48 has reached a total of 20,300,000 copies. And this includes 17,597,000 singles sold, 2,703,000 albums sold in total sales volume from their 29 singles and their 11 studio albums. These totals do not include their digital single. This accomplishment now breaks SPEED’s previous record of 19,546,000 copies, and this marks the first time that a female group has gotten more than 20,000,000 CD's sold.

Ever since “Sakura no Ki ni Narou” in February 2011, their singles have been selling over a million copies and the latest one as of the first writing was“UZA” is their 9th consecutive single to go over 1 million copies in sales. This puts AKB48 in second place, taking the place of Mr. Children’s 8 consecutive singles. As of this first writing, to hold the first place position with 13 straight singles.

"AKB48" Photo With Three of My Favorite Members of All Time From the Group Ever

Seen here are Yuki Kashiwagi, Mayu Watanabe, and Yui Yokoyama.

Seen here are Yuki Kashiwagi, Mayu Watanabe, and Yui Yokoyama.

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Other Records Set By AKB48

In addition, to all of these impressive statistics, the group’s then single at the first draft of this writing has helped them remain in first place for the following categories for female groups. They are:

  • Most Total Sales (Singles)
  • Most First Week Singles Sales
  • Most Total Singles to Grab First Place
  • Most Consecutive First Place Singles
  • Most Consecutive Million Seller Singles
  • Most Consecutive Million Seller Singles in First Week of Sales
  • Most Total Million Seller Singles, and
  • Most Total Sales (Singles and Albums). Congratulations for AKB48 as they have reached one of the most impressive milestones in music history.

Most Significant AKB48 Accomplishment

Japanese idol group AKB48 has a habit of setting records for the number of singles that they sell. As of December 1, 2014, AKB48 became the first female group of artists to sell over 30 million singles! AKB48 has now sold 31,111,000 copies since their debut single in February 2006. Note: that figure was reached at the end of 2014. They have also made history by being the second artist ever to sell over 30 million copies of their works after B’Z. AKB48 has reached over 30 million in sales in 8 years and 10 months and that is the fastest record in the history of music. It took B’Z 14 years and 7 months to reach that figure.

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