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The Side Chick Syndrome - DaBaby and Dani Leigh Talk (2021)

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DaBaby and Dani Leigh Situationship Poll


The first picture Dani Leigh ever posted, exposing herself and DaBaby as a couple.

The first picture Dani Leigh ever posted, exposing herself and DaBaby as a couple.


We have all been there... cheated on, played, felt lonely, been stupid, etc. It's not a hard thing to accomplish in today's society. Long lasting healthy relationships are scarce and hard to manage when you do get one. So a lot of people get into situationships. This is not a relationship, this is not dating, it's having sex and going with the flow. Now if you can handle that, power be to you, however, most people cannot, especially women. Women attach their feelings with who they give sex to most times. Discernment escapes people and we all make bad choices. However, men do this easier and women go along with it often just because they think it will lead to a relationship eventually. Most times, it won't and this happens A LOT. Commitment seems scary and the best way to not get played is to say you guys weren't dating in the first place. As embarrassing and childish as that may be, this is the dating pool.

So what happened on the night of November 14th between Dani Leigh and the rapper DaBaby, who has been in the news for weeks now regarding other scandals, did not shock me whatsoever. I knew it would end in turmoil and child support as soon as she got pregnant. The transparency of the situation they were doing to one another did shock me though. It does not shock me that she was a labeled a "side chick" by him, however, their actions that night were really heartaching to see live on Instagram. Let's go back and talk about it though.

Who WAS Dani Leigh?

Dani Leigh, in the middle of her blossoming career.

Dani Leigh, in the middle of her blossoming career.

Side Chick Syndrome

So the Side Chick Syndrome happens a lot. A woman, who is a side chick, whether she admits it or knows it or not, wants to solidify her place as the man's one and only and becomes lowkey crazed in the process of doing so. Then you have situations where the side chick simply falls in love and the man is only looking for a good time and he backs out of things, making her crazy. In order to talk about Dani Leigh, we have to go back to a couple of years ago onto today and what led to this.

Dani Leigh was an aspiring singer, dancer and model on IG who was coming on up in pop culture signed to Def Jam recording label. She had a couple of hit songs and was actually popping before DaBaby was. People knew her name and she was one of the last proteges of the late Prince. She had been talking to DaBaby for about 3 years up until this point, however, he wasn't letting that be known to the world. I think their secret relationship and feelings all changed when she let it be known that they were talking via an Instagram post stating "IDC, IDC, IDC that's my baby!" with a picture of the couple together.

This was surprising news to all because no one assumed they were really serious up when that happened and DaBaby had never posted her on social media or claimed their relationship. Still after the picture was posted, DaBaby never claimed her in interviews or social media. Thus, making her look a little bit goofy, but I digress, as it gets worse. After this debacle, Dani released a song entitled "Yellowbone (What He Want)", a jab at DaBaby's other baby mamas. At this time, all of the mothers of DaBaby's children were black women and Dani is Dominican. This lost her major points with the public because of the insinuated colorism the song reeked of. Also, we can read between the lines, it was a dig at the other mothers of his children, simply because you thought you had a man in the bag. Needless to say the song flopped.

Very flashy, showboating, and flaunty, Dani continued to parade around the relationship, until she got pregnant herself. Seems like after this, DaBaby bounced and left her pregnant and showed her what he really wanted: the streets. So when she got left (and pregnant) she quieted down, enjoyed her pregnancy and stayed low until she finally had her baby shower, showing off her baby bump, but not stating who the father of her baby was. It seems to me that after Dani revealed her position in DaBaby's life, her song flopped MAJORLY, bashed his other BM's and everyone in the public eye connected the dots, and then got pregnant on top of that, like DaBaby did not want to be associated with her that much anymore. He came back after the pregnancy was basically done and to see her have the baby and that was it.


A promotional picture of the rapper, DaBaby.

A promotional picture of the rapper, DaBaby.

DaBaby and his Babies

There should be no doubt in anyone's minds that DaBaby does what he wants. He does what he wants all the time. With his actions, his words, his relationships, he does what he wants to do. He's never put a ring on any of the fingers of his other children's mothers, so I'm not really sure what Dani Leigh thought. Becoming the third woman to have this man's child when he already had 2 kids by two different women in the first place was a grievous mistake on the part of Dani. This man's lyrics even states how he feels about and acts towards women. I don't know what she thought made her more special than the other women, who were with him longer than she even was, but her choice to have his child and put herself in blatant competition with these women, or to think that having a new baby would suddenly make him settle down was the dumbest thought she ever had in life. EVER!

The man JUST had a baby with a woman he wasn't dating openly back in 2020... And he still did not settle down. It's quite obvious that he's a player and to a player, none of us are special. That should not equate to you not being special though. Choose yourself every time over a man who wouldn't choose you once. I just think that the warning signs were out there, including the public telling Dani that fighting with his exes and his other baby mothers is not a good move or a good look. And now look at her. So let's get to the situation at hand now that we have some background story.


A screenshot of the fight as it was happening live on the Instagram app.

A screenshot of the fight as it was happening live on the Instagram app.

Da IG Situation

So late on the night of Nov. 14th, the police were called to DaBaby's condo for Dani Leigh and her baby to be escorted out. This and a bit of their arguing were videoed by Dani's phone. After DaBaby got off of Instagram Live, he came out with a few words of his own stating that she was crazy and had been hitting him that night and that he called the police to handle the situation instead of retaliating. After this, Dani gets back on her Instagram videos and begins to show footage of herself talking to the police stating that nobody was leaving and that DaBaby was so lame for even calling the cops on her.

Dani struck back by posting her own version of what happened that night, stating she had been sleep that night at his house that she had been staying at for the last 3 months, with her baby, when DaBaby wakes her up telling her that she and the baby need to leave. Gotta Go! Dassit! She goes on to state that they were only fighting right then because got a Plan B pill sent to his house for herself. Dani says she had it because DaBaby was being irresponsible after her pregnancy (one of the times a woman is most fertile) and having sex without condoms and inseminating himself into her. She says that this caused the fight and that was why he went live.

The cops eventually leave, and I fell asleep, but when I woke up the next morning, it was an entirely new show! Dani was STILL THERE IN HIS HOUSE!!! This man told you to leave and get out on Instagram Live last night and you're still there?! Wow! So, from here, we get more Instagram drama. DaBaby is releasing statements about how he feels about Dani. He said in the first live video that morning that he and Dani are not an item, never have been, he insinuated that she got pregnant by him to help her career, that they are not living together and that she had only been there a week. He even brought his assistant in the video to confirm his statements. (Like we're supposed to believe her word, but okay... receipts.) Guess who was still there through all of this? Yep! Dani!

Through these videos being released, words being written, posts being shared and everything else, she is still in his house. Probably still is right now as I type this on Nov. 15th. She is in the background of his videos, yelling things back to the camera in response to what he's saying, defending herself. He also says that he almost feels like she's forcing him to be with her and she's going crazy. Dani, who is not in top form (no bra, hair not done, clearly not ready to be on camera), continues in the background stating her side of the stories and what she's about to do. It's getting really messy. But wait, it gets messier. We're going to need some Quicker Picker Upper Bounty sheets for this mess.

Dani decides to pull out her receipts for the situation, posting their entire dating history on her IG story. From 2019-2021, most of which being from 2020. From the looks of it, they saw each other a few times a month or so, maybe less, talked a lot, took a lot of pictures, and share memories together. In one of the videos, DaBaby can be heard stating that he "loves her" and she asks how much. So, of course, he's telling her stuff in her ear, but not being upfront with the world about their relationship the entire time. I've been seeing people say that this looks like girlfriend stuff, but it doesn't to me though. Here's why:

I've been a side chick before and didn't know it when I was 21yrs. old. We've all been stupid for someone before. I was around his family and friends, I took pictures with him, I was in and out of his car, I was being spent money on, and I've been in his apartment. This doesn't make you his girlfriend. A man ASKING you to be his girlfriend and you saying yes, makes you his girl officially. This man had Dani in enclosed spaces so they wouldn't be seen, in the back of his shows, in his house looking like they just had sex in almost all of the pictures posted, and yes, pictures around his family and friends, but that literally means nothing nowadays! Men's families will still be on his side and want you guys to be together, and the decision is still his alone to make. Men have control over relationships and marriage, as Kevin Samuels would say. If that man is not openly parading you around like a circus clow and letting the world know that he's in a relationship after he's asked you to be in one, then you're not in a relationship with him. You can give him everything, and at the end of the day, he can still say, you're not my girl and I never even asked you to be one (even though we've been doing all this boyfriend/girlfriend stuff.) THIS... HAPPENS... in real life!

Now, these pictures and videos might look like receipts, but it also makes her look SOOO stupid! Why are you still trying to prove something to us, that clearly wasn't true from the jump? I don't think Dani realizes that she was never his girlfriend. He even stated right in front of her and online that she was a side chick to him and always was. And maybe he was in her ear at some point telling her what she wanted to hear, but a lot of men do that just to get over and have their cake and eat it too. Either that or they'll tell the girl upfront that he doesn't want a relationship at all and the girl will just choose to hear what she wants to hear out of that statement. As if the "Right Now" was silent in that "I don't want a relationship" part. It's emotionally and mentally manipulative. Does that make DaBaby any less wrong for how he's been treating her those 2 days? No! But should she know better? ABSOLUTELY. She played a major role in her own downfall really, all over a man. But let's get back on topic. So now her statements have been released, her picture proof of what had been happening was there. She even gave us a timeline of when they stopped talking when she got pregnant and when they finally got back together around the time she was about to have the baby.

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Throughout all of this, these two have maybe been in the same room or maybe a room or two apart, as they are still in the same house together when as I wrote this, it seems. Dani has not left, despite DaBaby's pleads on social media and to the police for her to. Since all of this, DaBaby put their baby on his IG story for everyone to see. Dani has never released a picture of her baby yet on social media and I was assuming she wasn't until she was ready, so you know he was doing this just to spite her. The only thing I can help but think now is, where is her friends and family to help her?!

Where DaHouse Go?

Dani Leigh happily showing off her first new home she purchased on her own in the Dominican Republic.

Dani Leigh happily showing off her first new home she purchased on her own in the Dominican Republic.

DaFame Ain't Always Rich

Before her baby, Dani bought a home last year that she was really excited to reveal on social media. It was her first splurge purchase, it seemed like, and it was nice to see her growth at that point. She also bought DaBaby a really nice expensive car at some point during their relationship. That was a year ago. She's had her baby 3 months ago, this man is telling you to get out of his house and you're still there? I've been told that the house she bought was for her family and was located in the Dominican Republic, and obviously her career is in LA, so it's hard for her right now with nowhere to really station herself at. I've also been hearing that she has since sold that house and maybe that's what the fight was about with her and her family that DaBaby revealed on live, as to why she left the Dominican. However, how can you not take care of yourself first?! Buy yourself a mansion/house first so you can always have a roof over your head!

I say this because, Dani, in her IG Live video, said that she packed up everything and came to live with DaBaby for the past 3 months, while he states that she's only been there one week. Either way, why don't you have anywhere to go!? Why are you entrusting your fate to a man who left you during pregnancy, hasn't let the world know you exist to him, and treats you like a side piece!? This is her fault for being so naïve still after all of this time! It seems to me like (if that house is her family's and is out in the D.R.) then she has nowhere else to go, (and if the house is hers) that she lost it sometime earlier this year or sometime late last year and again... has nowhere else to go.

People equate fame to being rich, when that often isn't the case. If she had money (and a brain), I'd like to think that she would go somewhere else to stay until they can co-parent more easily together. I don't think any self respecting woman would go out of her way to stay put in a house with a man that's kicking you out. They're both saving face by saying on IG that "nobody got put out" this morning, because he doesn't want to look bad either for putting her and his baby out into a hotel and she doesn't want to look stupid by getting put out, however, it's more obvious to me that you have nowhere to go if he did put you out right now.

The self respect is low with the force with this one. Dani stated that she left the next day at around 5p and that she was waiting around because she had to wait for her assistant and for DaBaby to give access to his house so she could get the rest of her baby's clothes and he wouldn't allow it. This was why she stayed. Okay, and let's examine that a bit... Why can't you pay for a hotel? 4 outfits for the baby is enough to get through a few days until you can buy more. Your baby isn't going to a red carpet and won't even be seen and I'm sure you have access to a washer and dryer wherever you go, sooo... yeah. Why can't your assistant meet you at a hotel?! Where's your car? Why can't you pay for an Uber to take you somewhere!? Where are your friends!? I have so many questions and they revealed so much, inadvertently, in those videos that I only came to one conclusion. Dani packed up her life, that she was probably living above her means on already, to live in Hollywood, Florida, and the Dominican. When she got pregnant and had her baby and her music career fell off and she fell out with her family, she moved in with DaBaby thinking they'd be a family eventually.

Now she's in another state, no friends or family there, no money, assistant broke, and nowhere to go and depending on a man that can basically make you or break you at this point and he's choosing the latter of the two. Although I don't put anything past DaBaby in this situation, I don't think he was exaggerating when he stated that Dani had put his hands on him and was acting crazy and that was why he called the police. Look at the situation she was in. These are very logical conclusions. However, look at what you're doing to her. Even if the pill was the thing that kicked off this fight, why couldn't you just have an adult conversation about it and see her side of things, instead of starting a fight for no reason? Dani is running off of emotions right now. She is 3months postpartum and she is experiencing emotions and things that she's probably never had to deal with before, being that it's her first child. It's supposed to be special and this is just THE WORST.

HOWEVER, I cannot ONLY blame DaBaby on this one. If there's anything that he is, is he's consistent. He has ALWAYS been with other women, including the other mothers of his children, Dani even said on Live that she knew this. He had kids with no marriage BEFORE you and he's probably going to do it again AFTER you. The man has a pattern that cannot be denied, so to put yourself in a race just to win last place is kind of stupid. She knew these things and the competitiveness in her still wanted him, the title of having him, the title of taking him from someone else everyone knew about, and in the running for the Dumbest Girl DaBaby Can Find award. Now that we're talking about the other baby mama's, let's check in with the main one and see what she thinks about this whole situation.


A picture of DaBaby and the mother of his first child, Mimi.

A picture of DaBaby and the mother of his first child, Mimi.

Da #1 Baby Mama

Mimi is the first mother of DaBaby's children. They have been around each other since high school, I believe, and have one daughter together and a son that is hers, but he still claims (that's cute, but no brownie points). She is his main girl that everyone knows, and I always thought that if he married anyone, it would probably be her because they were high school sweethearts. Not saying he ever would, but she would be his first choice, I always assumed. She knew of his faithfulness issues also, but was always cool with their relationship being what it is. She has been attacked verbally and harrassed through the internet countless times by Dani Leigh and fans after Dani revealed that she was talking to DaBaby.

Since this whole situation started last night, Mimi has gotten onto her IG to address some of the questions and statements being made regarding the situation and how she feels about it. She says that she has not been contacted by Dani in a non-aggressive or non-passive way and that Dani has only been insecure through all of this and being very brave behind her keyboard on her phone. Revealing that Dani has texted her before on slick, mean girl stuff before.

Another woman since this fiasco has begun has said that she even knew DaBaby was a dog when he had sex with her one night and then turned around and set up an appointment for Mimi to get something done with her the next day. That is disgusting behavior, but these women ALL know about it and still choose to be in these situations, and made to look like fools. Whether you THINK you're competing or not, you're in a ridiculous situation that has been made to look like a competition over a man who deserves none of you, your bodies, or you having his children.

Mimi has said that she doesn't wish bad on Dani but she does not feel sorry for her either, as Dani was in the position to leave the situation beforehand but chose to make a passive aggressive song about her and the other mother instead, only to end up in the same situations she has to deal with. She said she only knew about Dani once Dani began shading her on social media about her relationship with the father of her child. Mimi thinks that she can have whatever relationship she chooses to have with the father of her kid because "Who gone check her"? To which I say, Stupid, but I understand what she means. You're both fighting for last place in a man's heart who cares more about himself than either of you. Although, Mimi did make light of the situation by cracking a few jokes on the situation as a whole, but she did not want people to think that she was trying to bully Dani whatsoever, because she knows the pain she's feeling right now. This leads me to my next point.


A picture of Dani Leigh and DaBaby on the red carpet for an event in the beginning of their whirlwind situationship.

A picture of Dani Leigh and DaBaby on the red carpet for an event in the beginning of their whirlwind situationship.


Can we normalize stating the facts that we can give good advice while stating that someone is being dumb at the same time?! Both can be true for a situation. Dani is being stupid. That's it and that's all. No one plans on a relationship not working, no one prepares themselves to be played, and no one has a kid wanting the family to fall apart. However, the art of discernment needs to be with you sometimes. Dani had every chance in the world from 2019-2021 to see that this situationship and them having a baby together was a bad idea! The man hasn't wifed up one woman, had a kid before you met him to someone he's been stringing along for YEARS, had another baby in EARLY 2020 while you two were "together", and never posted you! Girl, what did you think was going on?!

It's hard to believe that people could just ignore the flags like this. Dani even said in a post on her story that she ignored what people told her and that she would try to grow from this experience. Why does everyone have to test the waters? Just learn from other people's mistakes. That's on her for constantly going around what she knew already. This man is a problematic dog! Putting you out of his house in the middle of the night with your newborn, and you're still there?! Dani has major insecurity issues. Mimi said it, I already believed it from how she was acting last year, but I wanted so much better for her as a person after realizing she was pregnant. I hoped she had just learned her lesson when he left her deal with her whole pregnancy alone. Turns out she didn't. Sad. She has put all of her eggs into DaBaby's basket and has literally nothing to show from it right now. At 26 years old, I'd think that life would toughen you up to not trust every person you meet to do the right thing.

DaBaby isn't off scotch free though. He is a dog! This situation will make it harder for him to find another woman to play, if he's pretending to take them seriously. There should be no excuses for the next woman to say no. I think that it is now up to the men to cancel him at this point. The gay community has been offended, women have been offended and some men. DaBaby has hauled off on everyone at some point. But we cannot keep fueling him and his music though. Men need to take a stand and say this isn't right and not back him on the things he does that we KNOW are wrong. Also, he is another person feeding the life of these situationships that happens in our culture today. Why don't people want relationships? Marriage?! A home together?! It's really crazy to me that this is the lifestyle that some people would rather choose than being treated properly. This man has gone out of his way to embarrass her last night and all day today. Calling the police on her, putting their business out there for the world to judge and trying to kick her out with nowhere to go! How much torture can a person take!?

These toxic relationships really need to be addressed and stopped. It turns us against one another. The lifestyle of being a "bachelor" your whole life is embarrassing, really. It's not cool knowing that everyone can have access to you, man or woman. These women knew of his bachelor status and still chose to stay to play the game. Well, play stupid games, win stupid prizes. These ladies are all making fools of themselves for a man they'd be taller than in heels. It's really embarrassing. This man is not Hugh Hefner and yet they treat him like he's exclusively theirs. Mimi seems to be happy with her position as his #1 girl in his life besides his daughters, but Dani, who was competing so hard for the spot she now has, needs to find a way to get out and soon!

DaFinal Thoughts...

I think that Dani needs to learn to love herself. She clearly has insecurity issues she hasn't dealt with, thinks she's in love with a man who is dragging her along with his gaggling gang of women, and doesn't know how to let go when the horse is dead. This girl has fought tooth and nail with these women to be what?! Baby Mama #3 with No Ring, No Title and No Place To Go!!! It is embarrassing. It's cringe worthy, really. I feel sorry for her on a womanly level, because I understand the pain she's going through right now. We've all been there, but you have to know how to get yourself out and when to call it quits. However, on a human level (and some part of the womanly level), I don't feel sorry for her because she tried to compete and wanted this lifestyle that he perpetuates.

She put herself directly in the path that would lead to this situation. This man is a red flag, walking. Everything about him says, 'Stay Away'. She chose to still "talk" to him (not dating, talking... so dumb) for 3 years without a title or even a picture on his part to say they were together, fought with the mothers of his kids, only to turn out just like them. They were telling you "you don't know what they go through" for a reason. Now you know why. The human in me thinks she's dumb and there's no getting around that. She thought she was special and dogs will show you just how special they think you are. It's like it's her first hood man she's dated, really.

DaBaby is a dog! A literal Dog! I would not touch him with a 10ft. pole and I don't know why these women refuse to stop letting him touch their lady parts. This is a man who idolizes and glamourizes the player lifestyle, he's problematic for other reasons not even named on this blog, and he's cool with (as stated by Dani Leigh on her IG Live video) having 5-6 baby mamas. (Again, she knew this already before the fact, but okay, play victim...). She said she's not cool with that and that she was "raised differently". Well, apparently not, if you're making the same mistakes as the women you were JUST laughing at. So you're not cool with him being a baby daddy to 5-6 kids, but you're okay with being a baby mama to one of his 5-6 kids!? Slow it down and make it make sense, please!

I don't know what's so special about him to them to make them flock over him this way, and make them even WANT to have his 3rd, 4th, 5th kid. As a woman, I want to share those first time experiences with someone who hasn't experienced it already too. If you're single and childless and want something "special", then why aren't you dating someone more like yourself?! A man who loved you wouldn't have you out here fighting tooth and nail with women over a spot for him. YOU would be the spot. That's it! This man ALMOST isn't even in the wrong, because he's remaining the same way he's always been and they keep falling for it.

What's even more sad is that now they have a child together who has to live in and grow up in constant scrutiny because it is the child of two celebrities, and they were on Live fighting about dumb stuff when she was first born. The little girl's life situation has almost been set up to fail. It goes to show you that you can have all the money, fame, or glory in the world, and still be miserable inside that mansion.

I think they both need therapy, especially Dani, and they do not need to be together right now or ever again. I think they both used each other for a career boost, or were setup as a career booster and only one of them came up from it in the end. Dani needs to chill for a while, go back home to the D.R., be with her friends, family and people who care about her, and raise her daughter quietly for a few years. Focus on loving yourself first before you end up back in another situation like this one with another "loser" (as she states). Maybe one day, she could write a tell all book about what she's learned in these past few years, and learn how to not be a side chick and how to distinguish what a relationship is from a situationship. Cuz "talking" don't matter, especially when he's going on Live to say he's not claiming you.

DaBaby is gonna be DaBaby, but I do think that his career may take a bigger hit than hers with this one. I think he made himself look really bad this weekend with all of this. He was already in the public eye's harsh criticisms with his whole rant about the gay community and STD's, but now this only a few weeks later? That's going to be hard to get out of. He's tarnished and doesn't even know it and needs to chill for a while, too. They both need agents/managers/public relations people to tell them to get off of social media, making fools of themselves and to leave the situation alone, because they're both being childish right now.

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