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The Secret: Dare to Dream Movie Review

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I will never understand why so many critics are such hateful knots-on-logs when it comes to inspirational films or faith-based films. All these films are trying to do is pump some good back into this rotten world, some hope even. The Secret: Dare to Dream, based on the best-selling book by Rhonda Byrne, spreads its message of the power of positivity through a sweet, romantic tale. If you have something against sweet and positive thinking, then go ahead and turn away now because it's about to get all kinds of gushy in here.

The film follows Miranda, a mom of three who lost her husband in a plane crash. She's tried to move on with Tucker, a restaurant owner who's done pretty well for himself financially. Miranda's involved in a minor car accident, causing her to meet helpful handyman Bray. After a massive hurricane hits, Bray offers to help fix Miranda's roof. The two form a friendship, but little does Miranda know, Bray is carrying a secret that will change Miranda's life forever.

I'm sure you're thinking, there's a dozen movies out there with this same premise. You're probably wondering what makes this one so special. I'll tell you. This film requires you to believe in the impossible. Other films rely on the blooming romance or the buildup that brings the two main characters together. The Secret relies instead on its message of thinking positively and focusing on what you want in life. The message spreads like wildfire through the characters lives and the viewer's heart.

The thing that I loved about The Secret was that it wasn't preachy. It didn't tell you to "do this or else", but rather showed you by example how your life could change if you only focus your perspective on the good in life. While I'm certain that focusing on pizza isn't going to cause one to show up in the next five minutes, focusing on a goal that I want to achieve and working toward it could make a huge difference. There's so many critics out there that looked surface-deep in this film and didn't bother to see the message the film was sending.

I loved the chemistry between Katie Holmes and Josh Lucas. Katie's Miranda was a down-on-her-luck mom who just couldn't catch a break and couldn't see the dawn for the night. Josh Lucas' Bray was the other side of that coin. Bray had been through pain and trauma and found that finding the good in his life kept him going and good things came to him. It's as one of my friends once told me - "If you put positivity into the world then you get positivity back." For the longest time, I thought that wasn't true, that it was nothing but a trick of the mind rather than reality. And maybe that's how these critics are. Maybe they're just beyond convincing. But if you're looking to be inspired, The Secret is a great place to start.

In conclusion, I'm giving this film a 3 out of 4. While the film was sweet, full of mystery and intrigue, and full of hope and positivity, there were some elements that were a bit unbelievable and cosmically improbable. But hey, who am I to say what's possible? The Secret: Dare to Dream is well worth the watch, and hopefully it'll touch your heart like it touched mine.

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