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The Secrecy In The Gabby Petito Murder Case

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In happier times

In happier times

Where is the rest of the story?

By now, most everyone who is following the Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie story, know a good set of facts and missteps that the North Port, Fl., police made. We know when she was last seen alive (late August), we know this was a young couple following their dreams to travel across the USA before getting married, we know how Brian suddenly drove across the country back to Florida in Gabby's van without her, and how his parents seem complicit in covering their son's whereabouts and movements beginning Sept. 1. We know how the strange red herring his parents told the FBI about how he went into the Carlton Preserve in Venice\Northport (this area is 26,000 acres, ideal for off road bikers and horses. It also abuts even a larger wilderness area, the Myakka State Park, and connected to it by dirt roads from Venice, Fl. As the FBI is finding out, it is like finding a needle in the haystack) and then told his parents to pickup the Mustang car.

Much later we find out that Brian and family went camping in Ft. Desoto State Park, not once, but twice, in early September near St. Petersburg, FL. But since Gabby had not been reported missing at the time, it appeared normal to police?! One source indicates that while three adults checked into the park, only two left. This was around Sept.6-8. We also find out that Brian had bought a new cell phone, probably with the $1000 he stole from Gabby's bank account using her credit card.

Ever since around September 10th or so, nothing else was discovered, as police had already found her body in Utah where the couple was on full display in a domestic fight that began in a local restaurant and got so bad, someone called 911. There have been a few bogus sightings of Brian on the Appalachian trail.

The coroner with sealed lips

Finally, after a month since Gabby's body was found, the coroner had a news conference to state her cause of death. Only about five new facts actually came out from the non-event. She was strangled, her body was 3-4 weeks out in the open until it was found, it was a homicide, techniques used in the autopsy, and something equally meaningless.

Reporters tried in vain to elicit answers to even basic questions, like, was her body laying upon or beneath the ground? How much decomposition had occurred? What clues led you to believe she was strangled? Have you ruled in other suspects?

His standard frustrating answer was that he could not answer because the ongoing investigation the FBI is doing. Answering any of those questions would have NOT jeopardized any such investigation. It would not give Brian any clues to something he already knows, since he is the killer.

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There is no doubt the FBI is withholding acts from the public and every so often, they release a few, as has been done before. The coroner's news conference was a tease and joke on the media. Instead of even doing it, just release the facts in a printed statement and avoid all the other questions that will be deflected like a broken record on a turntable.

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