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The SEGA Craze, The Heart warming Secret Garden of Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won

Maria Cecilia loves watching Korean Drama. She is not just a writer, she is a fan of Korean Actress HAJIWON

The Magic continues


I won't discuss the story anymore

Because many people have known this before me, and many of them have experienced the magic longed before I experienced it. Secret Garden made me admire more Korean Stars. I am so open here at Hubpages that I am a Lee Yo Won fan, and I don't intend to know more Korean stars because I have difficulty memorizing their names, though they are shorter than the usual Filipino names, the foreign sounds maybe made it hard to linger in my head.

I am thankful the names of lead stars of this KOrean Drama is easier to remember, or Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won are trully great actors that no matter how strange their names maybe I will still remember them.

Remarkable Story

This is not the usual type of love story between two people in the opposite social class.. The love between the Ultra Rich and The poor. This maybe common in some Korean love stories that we know when parents interfered because they refused a poor lady as future in law, What made SEGA love story unique? I think it's the personality that they developed in the Characters of Kim Joo Won, the 3rd Generation tycoon (Hyun Bin) and Gil Ra im, a stunt woman, trully cool and amazing (Ha Ji Won). What a Twist of fate right, an arrogant rich man who almost owned everything developed this strong liking for a woman who does not fit his standard. Though beyond his own liking, it was something that even his wealth can't control.. While Gil Ra Im though a very simple woman who has nothing in mind but the action school and the car stunt that has always been a dream, she's not the typical woman who would dream of a prince to give her a wealthy life. She eventually fell in love probably because of Joo won's cute persistance, and yet can't tolerate her feelings because she just can't take the idea of Joo Won's little mermaid kind of ending in their love story.... Joo Won always thought of his feelings to Gil Ra im as something that will fade after three months of going out with her,

I Love the part when Gil Ra im said "no woman would like to start a love story with an ending", obviously referring to Joo Won offering his love and yet telling her to disappear in his life like a bubble when the time comes...

But the Switching of soul is another jolt of the story.... This made it more unique because I can't imagine the difficulty of switching body with the opposite sex, and they know each other very well which made it more very uncomfortable, thus switching of souls made them even closer, it was hard when they were still in the stage of getting to know each other, but quite more manageable when they already opened up their hearts for one another.

Ha Ji Won as the Stunt woman

Just when I thought I will only have one favorite Korean Actress in the person of Lee Yo Won, when just all of the sudden, I decided to watch "Secret Garden", then saw Ha Ji Won doing the stunts and actions, my reaction was somewhat similar with Kim Joo Won when he saw her practising sword action, I was trully amazed with her..... Most of my favorite scenes in SEGA are those Ha Ji Won action scenes. First she rode her bicycle to run after the snatchers then fight scene followed with her beating 5 or 6 men. She may not be the one who did the bicycle stunts but still she's amazing and graceful in action scenes.... 2nd her scene where she played double to Park Chae Rin, she was pretty, sophisticated in that action scene, I really love her in that scene too much that i even recorded it to my Cellphone. I just love her in fight scenes.... Love her in short hair too.. Sex appeal overflows from her in her short hair, and while she is doing action scenes. She's very pretty even when she's mad, crying and everything....

As an actress she's very good.... especially when during the switched soul episode... She's also very funny... I love all her facial expressions when she is irritated by Jowon...

Hyun Bin as Kim Joo Won

I am not surprised Hyun Bin won the Actor of the year at Baeksang Awards for 2010. He was really great portraying KIM JO WON, and was great to act like RA IM during souls swapped.

He is a very versatile actor, he can make you laugh in some awkward scenes, and he can make you cry too in some touchy scenes.

He was good in the elevator scene, the part when he was saved by Ra im's father, and when he was not able to help him come out of the elevator. It was once of my favorite crying scene in SEGA.

He was able to bring out the emotion of a son, though he stood firm in front of his mother that he was not going to give up Raim, after talking to his mother, he was able to show emotion of pain, hurting his mother but he had to make a choice.

Over all SEGA was more for Jo Won more than Ra im. Jo won is a more challenging roles, for he has the most difficult acting throughout the movie.. Let me enumerate according to what I remember

1. Very effective as Arrogant, Rich, 3rd Generation Tycoon

2. Very effective as awkward guy in trucksuit, lowering his level just to follow the stuntwoman

3. Very good in Elevator scenes First: When he was saved by Raim's father, but he failed to make him survive with him

4. Very good in elevator scene 2, catching his breath

5. very feminine when he was Raim during the switched, So funny in everything, especially when teaching Jo woon how to wear the bra, like him when he smiled sweetly, with his dimples showing

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6.Love him in the hospital when Raim was in brain dead state, Everybody was crying and he was the one who was not crying, he was walking with crying secretary kim... I really like him in that scene, you can feel the emotion in his face, he did not need to cry to convince me.

7. His crying scene while writing his letter to Raim

8. The Car scene with unconscious raim

9. The scene when he thougt he was still 21 years old

10. When he was telling Raim about the how her father rescued her

11. When he was talking to his mother, telling her he will not give Raim, then with the expression that he was hurt too to hurt his mother

well the rest is history.... Ha Ji won was also great but I think the weight of most scenes was with Hyun Bin...


My Favorite Scenes

1. All Ha Ji Won's fight scenes, riding a bicycle ran after the snatchers and beat them

2. Hajiwon as double to Park Chae rin...

3. The first time Joo Won got fascinated by Raim, He saw her practising the sword with fellow stuntment

4. In the Department store when Joo Won Told the Director that GIl Ra im to him is like Kim Tae Hae

5. AT the Jeju Island, when Tae Ssun Sung That Man, the scene before and after

6.At Jeju before the bicycle scene, when Joo Won said "I will hug you so I can see your face". I love that scene because he was worrying a lot with Raim.

7. All switched soul scenes in Jeju are cute.... but i love that part when Dir. Yoon caught them in a very awkward situation... I found Ji Won very pretty there

8. The foam kiss scene

9. The Party Scene

10. the honeymoon scene

11. The honeymoon scene followed by Raim's action scene.

12. At the Pig skin grill, when Raim suddenly fed Joo won the pig skin that he dislike

13. The scene when both Director In sung and Joo won were drunk... even the BTS was funny

14. All Oska scenes with Joo Won and Raim

15. Conversation of Switched Joo Won and Raim in the property of Yoon Seul, when Joo Won "I should have paid more if I knew I was raising you", and Raim said "You don't look that bad when you said that".

OK crazy me,I better stop listing because If I don't, I will end up writing the whole story.

I will just say I love All episodes 10 to 20

and I love the OST, That Man, That Woman, Gazing, You are my Spring, etc etc...


The Most Beautiful Kissing Scene

I am not so comfortable watching kissing scenes in movies more so in soap opera, but witnessing them in Secret Garden changed my perspective..LOL.. I don't know about others but i found the Party Kiss scene of GIl Raim and Kim Jo Won very romantic and heart fluttering. For me it's beautiful and not disgusting at all to make you feel uncomfortable.

A kiss could mean a thousand words but it's kind of tricky in a movie world. They are good actors because they portrayed the roles perfectly, enough to make audience fall in love with them. We know it's different from the real life but you like them for each other just the same. Wish I can judge a blooming relationship just by the kiss I witnessed on screen.


The Great Chemistry of Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won

Maybe no one expect this great chemistry from them. They were in the business for so many years but it was only then that they were paired in a drama. to think that originally another actor was considered for the role of Kim Joo Won, and Hyun Bin was just a second choice because the first actor's availability did not match the schedule of Secret Garden.

Perfect Chemistry is what I see in them. I love Korean drama, especially those playing the lead roles are my favorite actresses (Lee Yo Won and Ha Ji Won) but never got too carried away with their love story angle. But it's different with Secret Garden, I don't know why but maybe I like everything about it... I l ike the role of Ha Ji Won as Gil Raim, the way Kim Joo Won ran after her was very ideal and actually a dream for me. The Role and portaryal was so good that I even wish (still wishing and praying) that HJW and HB will continue dating in real life. And since both artists are not attached or not exclusively dating anyone, dreaming about them to be together in real life is a big possibility...

If you consider yourself having this SEGA Sickness Symdrome, you probably watched the Secret Garden Special, where some behind the scenes shots and NGs were exposed. People who love the two together will definitely like what they're going to see because it showed the closeness of the stars in the drama. It's nice to see HJW and HB laughing together in the BTS. Actions can't deny that they are very comfortable with each other, arousing fans' dream about them, that their favorite stars are still very close now that SEGA has long been over, and both artists took their own different paths... Hyun Bin went to his Military Service, while Ha Ji Won goes on with her busy life as one of Korea's best actresses. What kind of coincidence is this, that after one great drama, the separation seemed drastic because we all know that Military service is almost 2 years long and imagine not to see Hyun Bin in a drama or movie for that long. He has left behind CFs anyway, and Military Service provided short vacations too, and fans from all over are monitoring his vacation, and also tracking HJW's whereabouts when Hyun Bin is in vacation.

Well I can dream with them, hoping that the two really spent time together, but I want to put things in balance...I don't want to expect too much, though there is a part of me that still wants to believe the way most of their fans are believing. I will be happer if one day they will announce that they are really exclusively dating, but in case it's the other way around, I will still like them and support them as my favorite artists, they are my idols anyway, not someone or somebody to fulfill my fantasy... But I love them for the inspirations that they were able to bring out from me.

© 2011 Maria Cecilia


Maria Cecilia (author) from Philippines on November 04, 2012:

Hi Binniejini sorry for late reply, hope you'll join our group at segafam wordpress...

binniejini on August 25, 2012:

hi cel! that was very fast! :-) thanks for the reply.

Maria Cecilia (author) from Philippines on August 25, 2012:

Hi Binniejini, thanks for visiting and sharing your thoughts... you said it right about Hajiwon and just like you I wish it's Hyun Bin... and hey December is nearing, hope something positive will happen after his MS.

binniejini on August 25, 2012:

ha ji won exudes much good vibes, kindness and sincerity. a celebrity who inspires people who do not even know her personally. perhaps it is because she truly is a very nice person, a dutiful daughter and sister and a loving friend to everybody she has worked with. i think this is the reason why she inspires people to wish only the best for her. and part of those best wishes is for her to be united with a true love, which hyun bin seems to fit into. really mysterious, but these two persons seem to be matched perfectly.

Maria Cecilia (author) from Philippines on July 12, 2012:

Ressa thanks you are always welcome, everybody who loves Hajiwon is welcome here in my hub...of course you can join the group and by the way, we have a segafamily group at wordpress I don't know the exact link but try to use google. always keep in touch more stories about Jiwon will soon come...

ressa on July 12, 2012:

hi cel, i just open now your hubpage of sega craze, really i'm not that good in english but i will try my very best to communicate with you, to tell you what i feel because now i know i found someone to talk to esp. about our amazing woman. hope too that i can join with your group even only on this page. i feel so relieved you know? when i got to know you and your hub page. thanks

Maria Cecilia (author) from Philippines on May 02, 2012:

Hi Stephen that's my wish too LOL

Stephen on April 18, 2012:

HB needs to come back and get HJW

Maria Cecilia (author) from Philippines on January 14, 2012:

Jibin, hahaha I am just like you before and until now, I don't watch any other drama because SEGA became my comfort movie, anyway it's ok just continue posting at DS and make friends with fellow JB shippers, from them you can enjoy that SEGA sickness. Try to back read at DS especially those posted in august...just post often, our admin might notice you and get in touch with you.. goodluck. Thanks for always visiting my site

jibin on January 13, 2012:

I am post again,thank for your faith to me.when I tell to you,I am happy too.I don't know why? May be because you and I were similar ,we like korea drama,crazy SeGa and love amazing couple.when I visit korea.I talk with local guide about different culture so I can find answer in my mind about their relationship.I wonder why we can't find photo about them after HB vacation because korea people respect privacy and the law was very force. Men who got married already prohibit have other women or have only wife.In the entertainment industry,scandal is very important so actor actress avoid it.I think hajiwon was very risk for third party so everybody help her to keep it to private.I think It is very good for her.Although I want to see their photo in personal and I miss them really but I can wait.I keep faith with them.time will proof their ture love.Now I watch Snow Queen again,are you watch snow queen? It very great drama and very sad.hyunbin act very good in this drama but in SeGa he act good more than especialy love scene.the way he stared to lead actress was very different for he stared to hijiwon.For hajiwon was very sweet, deep and strong so when I saw He stared to her on or off cam.I feel like my hair stand up.oh'I am SeGa crazy Syndrome.Can you help me cel?I want go to back.I can not watch other drama after watch SeGa because It is not perfect. you think same me? good bye cel.