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The Royals and the Meghan and Harry Oprah Interview

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Harry and Meghan with baby

Harry and Meghan with baby

If you are a Brit, most likely you will defend the institution of the Royals and their precious Queen, much like worker bees do for the Queen bee inside the hive. Now, if you live elsewhere or in America, a country that despised the Royals and its King and Queen back in 1776 (except those Americans who remained loyal to the Crown), you tend to side with Meghan and Harry and their new found life NOT dictated by protocols and custom from the Queen. The mindset that America was once a colony of the Royal family and Americans fought a war against England to win their freedom has a definite bias shadow as Americans now view this.

While it is a "family" squabble now made public about how Meghan, who is part white and black (although, I thought she was Hispanic by descent not black), thought of committing suicide due to the Royal family comments regarding their concern what skin color their baby would be is NOT at all unexpected. Their racist view is expected. But, really, is it really racist to be concerned about the skin color of a Royal Monarchy that does little for their subjects expect live in a castle?

Of course it is, if the baby was in line to be KIng of England one day, which the baby is not. Even Harry is not in line to be King, unless something happens to his brother. Harry's comments about his brother being trapped in a Royal role and lifestyle is a typical brother's opinion of a sibling. Harry has always been a bit more radical than his brother.

What we have the Meghan and Harry tell all is to be expected, especially from the American bride, former TV actress, Meghan, who is trying to use the platform to raise awareness about how the Royals treat non-white members in the Royal family, which seems like a family of hidden prejudices against those not white. Now, most non-white Brits no doubt will support Meghan and her experiences as a non-white in British society.

Of course, all of this could have been avoided had the Royals treated the couple better, in particular, Meghan. Can you imagine what the Queen must had thought and said when Harry told her he was marrying a non-white woman from America who played a sexy role in the TV show, Suits? If only one could have heard what the discussions must had been like. Did any of the Royals try to persuade Harry not to marry her because of her race and the impact on the Crown?

The Royal Monarchy is an obsolete thing now. What true purpose does it serve for the people under it? While the Queen has power, it is limited and can be controlled. The real power is in the House of Commons and the Prime Minister as Margaret Thatcher proved back in the 1980s. Except for the pomp and ceremony regarding the Royals, what benefits does the common Brit get by their continued support of this fairytale government?

Those that are born into the Royals get all the benefits and prestige in the best of everything, while the average Brit wages help give the Royals this lifestyle via taxation. But, what do they get back? Just pomp and ceremony and some heritage of long gone ears. Its all very stupid when looking from America.

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As Shakespeare once wrote, it is "Much Ado About Nothing".

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