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Derrick Sr. Entertainment Presents...The R&B Royalty Festival

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“Old School” R&B Is STILL Relevant

I love old school R&B! Being a product of the end timeline of Generation X, I grew up listening to music that soothed the soul, expressed love [in a conservative way] and really promoted communication and longevity in relationships.

I’ve learned that many people share my same view point including the closely marked Millennials and even some Generation Z. To be completely honest, I’m sure you’d find fans of Old School R&B across all generations; it’s just plain good ole music.

Derrick Sr. understood the assignment by putting together a full day of grown & sexy vibes and great R&B music by some of the greatest artists of the 80s & 90s. He is known for engaging and bringing communities together in a positive way whether through music, comedy, philanthropy or awareness.

Can you image experiencing music by some of R&B trailblazers? Artists like: Tony Terry- "With You" and "Everlasting Love", Troop- "All I do Is Think Of You", "Spread My Wings", Karen White- "SuperWoman", "The Way You Love Me", Howard Hewett- "I'm For Real", "Say Amen", Glenn Jones- "We've Only Just Begun", "Show Me", Keith Washington- "Kissing You", "Bring It On", Public Announcement- "Body Bumpin (Yippie-Yi-Yo)", "Mamacita" and Michel'le- "No More Lies", "Something In My Heart"- all in the same place? That’s a R&B lovers dream!

Old School R&B music will forever live on and be the blue print for great music today, across all generations.

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