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The Power of Manifestation, Here Are 5 Successful Marvel Actors Become Their Dream Superheroes!

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Tom Holland and Iman Vallani


Here Are 5 Successful Marvel Actors Become Their Dream Superheroes!

For you superhero fans, have you ever dreamed of one day being an actor who plays your idol hero on the big screen?

Reading comics and watching superhero movies sometimes makes us feel like anything is possible.

Like a dream come true, a number of Hollywood actors have also succeeded in proving that this is not impossible.

Of course, being a superhero and joining the world's biggest franchise is not easy. With manifestation, luck, and hard work, these Marvel actors have finally succeeded in achieving what they wanted.

It's interesting to see flashbacks when they were still "dreaming" until they finally became what they are today.

1. Tom Holland - Spider-Man


Well, let's see, let's see, a row of successful Marvel actors and actresses who become their dream superhero!

Starting from a role in musical theater, Tom Holland is now one of the most popular actors in the world. His name skyrocketed and shone in the world of cinema thanks to his role as Spider-Man in the MCU.

The British actor has also successfully won various awards, has millions of fans, and even entered the European version of the Forbes 30 Under 30 list.

A number of critics also considered that Tom Holland was the most appropriate actor in playing the iconic Marvel superhero. This is certainly like a dream come true for Tom Holland.

Since childhood, he really liked superheroes, especially Spider-Man. Before plunging into the world of acting, Tom Holland also wore a Spider-Man costume while posing for the spider-man.

Not only that, the actor who debuted in the film world through The Impossible (2012) has also manifested his role as Spider-Man from the start.

In an interview in 2013, the actor revealed that he wanted to play a superhero, "Probably Spider-Man in 10 years, if they reboot," Holland said.

As if he could predict, now his words had come true. He has also appeared as Spider-Man in six blockbuster films, five of which are in the top 50 highest-grossing films of all time.

Simu Liu From Movie Chang-Chi


2. Simu Liu - Shang-Chi

Before becoming part of the MCU, Simu Liu from the start was a fan of comics and superhero films. However, Liu initially did not pursue a career in acting and film.

You see, being of Asian descent, the basic idea of ​​success is quite traditional. Not far from professions such as doctors, lawyers, accountants, business, and others.

Liu also pursued careers in finance and accounting until he realized that he didn't need to follow these traditional values ​​and began pursuing a career as an actor.

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Looking back, it's interesting to see how Simu Liu in 2014 took to Twitter to say, “Hey @Marvel, great job with Captain America and Thor. Now, how about Asian-American superheroes?”

Four years later, Simu Liu tweeted, “OK @Marvel, shall we talk about #ShangChi”. Starting from this prank tweet, now Simu Liu's dream has come true.

After successfully passing a series of auditions, Simu Liu managed to become Shang-Chi, the first Asian superhero in the MCU.

The film Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (2021) which he starred in also successfully won an Oscar nomination and entered the ranks of the top 10 highest-grossing films that year.

Barry Keoghan From Movie Druig


3. Barry Keoghan - Druig

Not only Simu Liu "manifesting" through his tweets on Twitter, Barry Keoghan apparently also did the same thing. Starting his career in the film industry in 2010, the Irish actor's name became known since his role as Wayne in the Love/Hate series.

In addition, he also starred in the psychological-thriller film The Killing of Sacred Deer (2017). All these films and series are far from the world of superheroes, but this does not make Keoghan give up.

In 2013, he tweeted to the creators of Marvel, "Stan Lee, please make me a superhero." Eight years later, Keoghan debuted in the MCU as Druig in the film Eternals (2021).

This character who has the power to control his mind has also become one of the most popular and favorite characters of fans. The actor returned to his old tweet and said, “2013… The power of Belief!” after being selected as the actor who played Druig.

Iman Vallani


4. Iman Vellani - Ms. Marvel

Before becoming the first South Asian and Muslim superhero in the MCU, Iman Vellani was originally just a girl who loved Marvel comics and superhero movies. Since childhood, Ms.

Marvel is indeed his favorite character.

In an interview with, Vellani revealed that he often goes to the comic book store opposite his school to read the Invicible Iron Man comic.

“Then, I saw the Iron Man comic with Kamala Khan on the cover. I was immediately attracted to the figure of the brown-skinned girl.”

This Pakistani-born actress finally designed and created the costume of Ms. Marvel for her to wear on Halloween.

Once, someone sent him an audition announcement for the series Ms. Marvel. Even though he never thought about going into acting and only had a little experience acting in the theater, Vellani also managed to amaze the casting directors.

Thanks to her enthusiasm, the actress, who is almost 20 years old, was chosen to play her favorite superhero.

Andrew Garfield - From Movie The Amazing Spider-Man 2


5. Andrew Garfield - Spider-Man

Besides Tom Holland, it turns out that Andrew Garfield has also manifested his role as Spider-Man long ago. In his speech at the SDCC in 2011, Garfield did say that Spider-Man was his favorite superhero since childhood.

“I needed Spidey in my life when I was little and he gave me hope. Peter Parker inspired me to be stronger and braver."

In his interview on The Graham Norton Show, Garfield also revealed that he is a fan of Tobey Maguire.

“Tobey is my Spider-Man. Back in drama school, I used to practice using Tobey's words in Spider-Man (2002).

His dream also came true when he became Spider-Man in Sony's The Amazing Spider-Man.

Despite getting a lot of criticism for his script writing, Andrew's version of Spider-Man still managed to amaze fans.

Especially when he returns as the spider man in Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021) and is now part of the MCU.

Well, that's a number of actors and actresses who have successfully achieved their dream of playing a superhero in the MCU thanks to manifesting.

Like those who never give up, let's keep on manifesting the spirit and trying to achieve dreams!

Thank You.

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