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The Pop Music Song "Pyoko Pyoko Ultra" the Best Lowest-Selling Single of Pop Music Group Morning Musume

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Ayumi Ishida of Sendai Japan My Favorite Member of Morning Musume 20


"Pyoko Pyoko Ultra" Is an Underrated Song & You Will See Why

“Pyoko, Pyoko Ultra” or Bouncy, Bouncy Ultra is the best of the lowest selling single in the career of J POP group Morning Musume. It is this group’s 48th major single released in 2012. It baffles me as to why this song is currently their lowest selling single. It could be because of the silly feel of this song and that is what may turn fans off but this song really is one of my favorite Morning Musume songs ever. It does not have the Spanish style feel of a song such as Kimagure Princess but the atmosphere is very much a happy one.

Sayumi Michishige the One That Considered Herself the Cutest Member of the Group


What Is the Theme of Pyoko Pyoko Ultra?

This song has the theme of cute girls going on trips and this refers to Japanese refrain that says that parents should allow their children to experience the hardships of life for their own benefit.

What Happens In the Music Video for Pyoko Pyoko Ultra?

In the music video for this song, the participating members are all dressed in yellow dresses and yellow shoes as the choreography and artwork resembles a scene out of a kid’s cartoon and that may be another reason why Pyoko, Pyoko Ultra is the group’s lowest-selling single to date.

What Is the Song Pyoko Pyoko Ultra About Lyrically?

The song lyrically also is about a girl that cannot stick to anything to be motivated enough to finish whatever task is on her agenda. But she does realize that if girls want to fall in love, they must polish themselves a bit more, become more refined and classy. But when they get into the swing of things, then they can bounce up and down literally in excitement as they are all set to experience what some may call a very rough world. She thinks that girls that want to fall in love should be relaxed and expect to be treated with kindness. She vows not to be tempted by midnight snacks or ramen noodles though there may be humor in these lyrics as well.

"Pyoko Pyoko Ultra" Music Video

Pyoko, Pyoko Ultra Interesting Facts

As usual with these singles and especially albums, they have facts about them that make them stand out musically.

Interesting Facts About the Song Pyoko, Pyoko Ultra

  • The release of the single was postponed to January 25, 2012.
  • This one also marked the first single with Risa Niigaki as the group’s leader. I think she should have stayed a few more years because she was a very good asset for the group.
  • This was also the first single since “The Peace” to not have Ai Takahashi as a member.
  • Aika Mitsui was injured so she was not featured in the dance shot version of the single.

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