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"The Platform" Movie Review

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The Platform | Movie Scene.

The Platform | Movie Scene.

The Platform

Release Year: Feb. 21, 2020 (ROC)

Director: Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia

Music: Aránzazu Calleja

Nominations: Goya Award for Best New Director, MÁS

Awards: Goya Award for Best Special Effects, Gaudí Award for Best Visual Effects


"The Platform" or by its original name "El Hoyo" is a satire work of the current world in which we live, it consists of a vertical prison with one cell per level with two people and a platform with buffet-style food where they can only feed once a day for two minutes.


This film made with elements drawn from genres such as science fiction, suspense and perhaps for the purpose of generating a social experiment is very well accomplished. We can even observe how they reflect in a scathing way the so-called savage capitalism. These elements are projected as despair, famine and even with the purpose of driving the human being into madness; By this I mean: many strong scenes containing blood and cannibalism. I would not recommend this movie to those who do not like horror movies or are under age.

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The hole with its multiple levels

The hole with its multiple levels


The plot and the outcome are undoubtedly quite original. As the film unfolds, we can perceive a certain despair that the main actor called Goreng (Ivan Massagué) and the rest of the people inside that hole constantly suffer from deranged, presenting different symptoms related to hunger and confinement. The rectangular hole that passes floor by floor, where an predicted of 150 or more sub-floors are estimated, arrives in the remains of bones, broken plates and other unpleasant and inedible debris.

Another allegory we must add is the way they reflect as those who are above; socio-politically speaking, they possess all the riches and benefits as opposed to the "poor" who are found in sectors below. The mistreatment they receive both verbally and even physically. That said, we can see how the narrative and even audiovisual level scales to the most intrepid.

The message

This does not mean that the rich man is bad and the poor man is good, despite the plot-twist that is taking shape and fills you with intrigue and suspense; it's how prisoners are being changed to random floors, either up or down. Let's say, they manipulate the person's social status with scathing satire.

Therefore, everyone suffers and enjoys as equal since it generates a certain empathy with those who have less or more. All are victims of this strict and Machiavellian system. It should be emphasized that not everyone who lives in that 4-wall area deliberately applied (to put it in some way) to this experiment to achieve an "homologate" title. Unfortunately, few survive on this machinery. However our main character is a hero as he struggles with falling and succumbing in this monstrous system. He wants in some way or another to get out of this horrible hole of hell without doing harm to others, unlike his level partner, Mr. Trimagasi, (Zorion Eguileor) who will define exactly under his own experience the dynamics for his own survival in that prison.


Finally, it is worth noting the Spanish production in recent years and the thanks to Netflix for putting their hands on the fire for this incredible production that should be on the big screens. However, from the comfort of your home and without further comments to add; I invite you to this passage to hell full of tension, guts and mixes of the most sadistic that you can think of. The film in general was very well achieved, the gear and connection in which the main character is projected as a visionary is beautiful, just as the book: "Don Quixote", was the only artifact that he had in his hands. Do you want to know what Mr. Trimagasi was wearing in his?

I will leave the trailer right down below! Please watch it:

"The Platform" - Trailer

© 2020 Emmanuel Dal Canto

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