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The Pharaohs' Golden Parade.. The Egyptians’ Gratitude to Their Grandparents!


What Is The Parade About?

April 3rd marked the kick-off of the greatest event every Egyptian and Egyptology fan aspired to, the Egyptian golden pharaohs’ parade. The mummies journey from the well known Egyptian museum situated in Tahrir to The National Museum of Egyptian Civilization located in Fustat (the first Islamic capital in Egypt and Africa). It was broadcasted live in more than eighty countries.

At first, we thought it was a mere transfer of twenty-two Pharaonic kings and queens, but during and after watching the truly breathtaking ceremony and the prestigious parade, it brought tears to our eyes. It invoked the high greatness of our ancestors and their unprecedented civilization and let us live moments in their realm.


Hieroglyphic Isis Hymns by Amira Selim

Why Transferring The Mummies?

Few years ago, antiquities officers realized that the Egyptian museum in El-Tahrir with its actual size cannot contain all the monuments and mummies with an appropriate show way. Therefore, they decided to display them properly in a scientific way in a sufficient space. Additionally, as mentioned by the minister of tourism and antiquities, they didn’t move them to the Grand Egyptian museum in Al Remaya because the hero in this Fustat museum is the great Egyptian king Ramses II, whereas in the grand one, is the most famous king Tut Ankh Amoun.

The Moment the Parade Starts Moving

The Musical Part

As far as the musical ceremony concerns, everything was phenomenal; The fantastic philharmonic orchestra conducted by the international Egyptian renowned maestro Nader Abbasi, the unique composer Hisham Nazih, the soloist singers that were the ancient Egyptians voices. Every one of them represented a type of singing art; the special soprano Amira Selim, Nesma Mahgoub and the very deep Egyptian voice Riham Abdel Hakim. Besides, the orchestra players who were a clear example in the commitment and professionalism. And the most amazing surprise ever was including an ancient Egyptian hymn (in Hieroglyphic); it is the prestige Hymns of Isis performed by Amira Selim. It really touched our hearts.

As important information, the language used in the Egyptian orthodox churches is an extension of the ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphic.

Two Women Wave to Their Grandparents


The Parade Scene Details

The ceremony was attended by the state‘s highest level layers; Egypt’s president and all the government cabinet members along with the general manager of UNESCO, all people from all over Egypt watched it whether in streets or in houses through the TV different channels.

All Egyptians were very excited and thrilled with everything from the orchestral music to the parade of the kings and queens each in a Pharaonic military wheels- shaped car passing across the different Egyptian districts with the residents waving and saluting them.

In addition, while the orchestra performs the show in the stage, the other shows are performed simultaneously in the rest of the touristic locations such as Giza Pyramids, stepped pyramid of Zoser and Luxor temples on the Orchestral melodies in an accurate rhythm matching with the parade motion sharply and its arrival moment to their last resting place while the Egyptian president receiving them at the museum gate. This scene was really creative and significant; it embodied the past and the present, past rulers received by the current one. The stunning and impressive harmony and creativity were everywhere.

The President Receives the Parade


Impression and Reception

After watching, you wonder how the event makers did it indeed. Everything is difficult, especially the rehearsals in Cairo’s streets. Anyone who has visited Egypt knows this would be impossible in Cairo as it is the city that never sleeps. People are everywhere anytime.

Mummies cars were wonderfully designed, acoustic engineering was perfect, the great director who released this magnificent glory was the key person. Definitely, I recommend this awesome event to everyone no matter their trend and preferences as it is a very significant event that has a lot to express about past and present Egypt.

As marked, it was well-received on the international front by different countries embassies and people’s words. And to us Egyptians, it took us back to our ancestors' time with all its stunning details. We all love our country to the bones, but this event got us to live one of the few moments where we feel the affiliation, unity and glory.

This great influence pushed almost every Egyptian to write about his feelings towards the event and Egypt on different social media platforms since then, expressing their love, respect and gratitude to their country, leaders and the event makers. Thanks to all who worked hard to let us live this dream time and long live Egypt.

The Complete Ceremony


Rania Heikal (author) from Egypt on April 05, 2021:

Thank you James for your words and welcome to Egypt anytime. Iam sure it will be an exciting experience.

James C Moore from Joliet, IL on April 05, 2021:

Egypt has the richest history of any country.Watching the video was awe inspiring. I gotta think being there in person is an experience nothing else can match. Thanks for introducing me to this event.

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