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"The Ominous Project Universe Presents: Curse of Bloody Mary" Movie Review

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Ah, family. What a curse (pun intended). Damian is a hard-working guy who has finally gotten a huge break, one his family celebrates with him by setting up a surprise party. All seems well, aside from some comical hijinks from close friend Tara, until Damian's wife receives a distressing call. It's then that the film's tension slowly begins to build, the tingling down your spine almost a comfort as the mystery unfolds new questions, the answers to which can only be horrifying. Don't turn your back. Don't look away. Don't blink. (Extra points to anyone who gets that reference)

I usually reserve this section to talk about the best performances but honestly that's hard to do with this one because everyone was brilliant. It's difficult to say this person was better than this person because everyone brought something different to the table. As far as, say, standout performers who caught my attention, Grae Jordan is definitely at the top. She brought humor and emotion to her character on a deep level. She's just starting out and she's already a magnificent actress. If any one of these actors deserve their own spin-off movie, it's Grae. Cicely Jackson was another top performer. She was intense but in a good way. Not underwhelming and not Sacha Dhawan or Nic Cage level either. She delivered her performance as if it wasn't even a performance at all, but real-life happening.

Eryn Murphy and Shreco Bakari had perfect chemistry on-screen. They were on time with each other, neither one missed a beat, they were completely in-sync which made the main plot all the more believable.

The direction of this film was nothing short of brilliant. I don't think I have ever seen a found-footage film where it felt so real, as if a real family was being recorded. In fact, I will go so far as to say Paranormal Activity wishes it was this cool and had this fluidity and believability. Shreco Bakari and co-director Ashley Williams captured something almost magical here. They made a found-footage film that didn't feel like a clique or a fad, or a cheap thrill. They made something that rivals Cloverfield and The Blair Witch Project, a film that makes you feel for these people and makes you scared for what could happen to them.

I wish I could talk about the climax of the film because THAT blew me away. Alas, I cannot because spoilers! All I'll say is, you won't see it coming.

In conclusion, set aside an hour and watch this film when it officially releases. If you are not moved, terrified, and begging for a third entry by the end of the film then go sit in the corner with your Zombeavers and your Sharknado. This film is for people that take love and loss seriously, and for people who will do anything for the ones they love. I give it a 4 out of 4.

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