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"The Ominous Project Universe Presents: Bloody Mary" - Movie Review

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I love a well-made short film because it proves three things: big budgets don't always mean better movies, story filler isn't always necessary to get your point across, and that less is more. The Ominous Project Universe's newest addition Bloody Mary is a prime example of a well-made short film.

The film follows three rebellious teens whose night starts out with a party and ends in fright after they play "Bloody Mary".

Despite all the productions out there, such as Supernatural and Paranormal Activity 3, that have toyed with the legend of Bloody Mary, Shreco Bakari's take on the legend still manages to deliver shocks and thrills. The main reason for this, I feel, is that he cleverly uses nostalgia to get us into the minds of the kids. We've all done things we weren't supposed to do, and the resulting scene of the three friends having fun and partying made me miss my childhood. Kids are rebellious and they just want to have fun. I mean, weren't we all at that age? Justin Jones Jr, Layla Robinson, and Kendall-Kimora Brown are excellent young performers, showcasing promising talent that should undoubtedly be pursued and developed further.

The horror starts when the kids decide to play with a Ouija board after they've tried playing Bloody Mary. All hell breaks loose and the frights are nothing short of brilliant.

The special effects artist Emily Temeyer did a remarkable job on creating Bloody Mary. Mary looked absolutely terrifying and is sure to spark some nightmares. Emily has a bright future ahead of her, especially if she decides to pursue a long-term career in makeup and prosthetics for movies.

Heidi Rau, the actress who portrayed Bloody Mary, was creepily fantastic. There's one moment in particular where I was literally shivering. The creeps were strong with this one. I would love to see her as a villain again in the future.

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I've come to the conclusion that Shreco and his team can do no wrong. Clench up and get ready for another beautifully frightening chapter in The Ominous Project Universe. I give the film a perfect 4 out of 4.

© 2021 Nathan Jasper

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