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What happened in the season 9 finale of The Office ?

Season 9 Cast

Jim Halpert -- John Krasinski

Pam Halpert -- Jenna Fischer

Dwight Schrute -- Rainn Wilson

Angela Martin -- Angela Kinsey

Andy Bernard -- Ed Helms

Kevin Malone -- Brian Baumgartner

Stanley Hudson -- Leslie David Baker

Phyllis Vance -- Phyllis Smith

Creed Bratton -- Creed

Oscar Martinez -- Oscar Nunez


Kelly Kapoor -- Mindy Kaling

Ryan Howard -- B.J. Novak

Erin Hannon -- Ellie Kemper

Nellie Bertram -- Catherine Tate

Darryl Philbin -- Craig Robinson

Meredith Palmer -- Kate Flannery

Pete Miller -- Jake Lacy

Gabe Lewis -- Zach Woods

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Clark Duke -- Clark

Melora Hardin -- Jan Levinson

David Wallace -- Andy Wallace

Paul Lieberstein -- Toby Flenderson

Esther -- Nora Kirkpatrick


The Halperts

The love between Jim and Pam has never been stronger since he gave up his dream to work for Athlead to stay in Scranton with his family. He's been given the title of Assistant To the Regional Manager and he is able to keep himself entertained by playing second fiddle to his former rival. However, when Daryl returns and talks about the job in Texas, Pam overhears the chat and feels guilty for holding her husband back from living a better life. In the end, she makes the sacrifice and tells him to take the job.

Dwight refuses to let them resign, though. Instead, he interrupts their attempts to quit by firing them. However, he offers to give them each one month's severance pay for each year of service. After all of the pranks and shenanigans, the new boss showed a lot of heart.


Dwight and Angela

After his incredibly sweet proposal along the side of the road, they waited a year to finally tie the knot. Jim was chosen to be the "bestest mensch" (best man). Although everyone expected him to fire one last prank at the boss, he actually came through with a great night out for the groom. Schrute was able to rescue his future bride from the trunk of a car after carrying out a tradition to buy his pals a drink.

Right before the ceremony, Mr. Halpert announced to Dwight that he would be unable to continue as the "bestest mensch" since that role was meant for someone older than the groom. After a moment of disappointment, he was overcome with joy when he realized that Michael Scott had returned for the ceremony. After lying to the media and the public for months, Steve Carell had indeed come back to appear in the finale.

The Wedding Dance

The Wedding Dance

How good is your memory ?

For each question, choose the best answer. The answer key is below.

  1. Who was the regional manager of Dunder Mifflin before Michael Scott ?
    • Bob Sanderson
    • David Wallace
    • Ed Truck
    • Jan Levinson
  2. What was the name of Jan's assistant that recorded a CD ?
    • Brian
    • Corey
    • Hunter
    • Serge
  3. Who finally dethroned Ryan and won the Dundie for "Hottest in Office" ?
    • Danny Cordray
    • Esther Riggs
    • Pam Halpert
    • Todd Packer

Answer Key

  1. Ed Truck
  2. Hunter
  3. Danny Cordray

Stanley Hudson and Phyllis Vance

Stanley finally got to retire from the company. After recovering from a heart attack a few years ago, he fought his way back to enjoy the bliss of living life without Dunder Mifflin. However, it's unsure how his wife will deal with the knowledge of his multiple affairs.

Phyllis moved on from losing her desk mate and was happy to have a younger black man across from her. In fact, she already is fattening the new guy up with her homemade desserts.


Daryl's way of saying goodbye


What happened to Kevin Malone ?

I'm sure you already know that he was let go due to his overall uselessness as an accountant. Dwight called a conference room meeting and gave Kevin a cake that let him know he is being fired. Toby also received the same treatment.

We find out later that Mr. Malone bought a bar in the Scranton area and is reunited with his former boss when he shows up to buy his friends and family a drink. Initially, he elects to throw Schrute out of his bar, but after a conversation between the two of them, the tension is gone and Kevin is happy again.


Andy aka Baby Wawa

Andy Bernard finds fame in a very negative way as the internet success, "Baby Wawa", in honor of his breakdown at the music audition. Despite the begging of his peers, he turns down a sales position at Dunder Mifflin to purse his acting career. He's managed to lose his all of the things that are important to him in a very short amount of time. But, when things look bleak, he lands a job at his alma mater, Cornell University, and gets his life back on track.

His only regret is not having a house full of little "'Nard pups" running around. After failed relationships with Angela, Erin, and Jessica, perhaps he will finally find true love in the future.



Oscar Martinez has his own office in the workplace where he is campaigning for State Senate. In fact, he plans on getting a left-turn lane by the local Arby's ! So after mocking Angela's ex-husband about his lack of true importance, he finds himself seeking that very same position.

All-time shocking moment: The kiss with Michael Scott



Erin got a huge surprise when her real birth parents attend the live Q & A session (played by Joan Cusack and Ed Begley, Jr.). It was a heartwarming moment for the receptionist who continuously made references to being an orphan.


Meredith Palmer seems sober for a change and less of a hot mess than usual. In fact, she tells the camera that she finally completed her college degree that the documentary failed to mention.


Thank Goodness that Jim remained in Scranton

His love for Pam had been evident since the series first began. He almost got assaulted by Roy, moved away to try and forget her, and even tried to love Karen Filipelli (Rashida Jones). However, nothing could stand in the way of his desire to marry his favorite receptionist.

Things looked rocky for a few episodes when his wife confided in Brian from the film crew. She was feeling neglected and unappreciated that her husband had devoted so much of his time in Philadelphia instead of on his family. In fact, there was a time when I was worried that the writers were going to tear them apart. It would have been a crushing blow to all of us who lived vicariously through the happy couple.

Kelly and Ryan

The finale could never truly be complete without more drama between Scranton's most dysfunctional couple.

Kelly is seemingly enjoying her time with pediatrician Ravi at the wedding reception.

All of a sudden, Ryan shows up with a baby ! Apparently, he had a child with a woman who left the kid with him while getting a charger for an e-cigarette. Baby Drake is having an allergic reaction to a strawberry that his father intentionally fed him, so Dr. Ravi takes the child inside to check on him.


Kelly finds this horrible act ROMANTIC and she grabs her former lover's hand and they run away together, leaving the infant in the care of the doctor. It's a fitting end for two very shallow and immoral human beings.

However, the child will have a chance at a great life when Nellie decides to become the new parent !

Creed Bratton, Q.A. extraordinaire !!

After years on the run for drug trafficking, Creed is being led away at the end of the show by the police. Faking his death and losing his job, he came out of hiding to attend the wedding, which turned out to be a big mistake. I think that many of us always knew that in the end, his criminal way of thinking would catch up with him.


Toby Flenderson

In the end, he was never able to win the heart of his beloved Pam. He does seem happy as he talks about his life in New York and his SIX roommates that can't move away without giving a 30-day notice.

Thankfully, we will never have to listen to his stories again about his role as a juror in the Scranton Strangler trial.


Thanks for the Memories !!!

I didn't start watching the show until season 3 because it's a bit of an acquired taste. When you first start viewing it, seeing a documentary seems a bit strange. However, once you get used to the format, you can't help but fall in love with the characters.

Best of luck to the entire cast in all of their future endeavors !

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