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PanamaTrickster Reviews: The Northman (2022)

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There is plenty to love about The Northman, but it is a good idea to prepare for its ruthless violence and themes beforehand. This movie might be exactly what someone would want for a Viking-style action film, but it might be too much for others. It is not for the feint of heart, the queasy, or the anxious. With that being said, the film achieved its overall vison very well.

The set design, the filming locations and the score stood out to me as some of the greatest in its genre. The set design was true to the time period, and never took you out of the moment. The locations were absolutely breathtaking, and everything you’d expect them to be and more. The score was faithful to the time period and beautifully composed. Sebastian Gainsborough (also known as Vessel) and Robin Carolan deserve the utmost praise for their combined efforts on the composition.

The acting from Alexander Skarsgård was astounding, as if he were born to play the role of Amleth. Anya Taylor-Joy also did a phenomenal job in her role. The chemistry between the two never felt forced or unbelievable. However, Nicole Kidman was painfully miscast. Her attempt at an accent reminiscent of the time period felt strange, out of place and not very believable. There were times where she dropped the accent altogether, or just started a brand new one, as if she forgot what she went with in the previous scene.

If I am being completely honest, this movie could have achieved the same effect being 45 minutes shorter than it was, as it was pretty slow at times. There were many instances that could cause someone to get lost easily from no real fault of their own. The best way to see this movie is to go in expecting a ruthless action film, and let the depths of the story take a backseat while you enjoy.


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