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Bobby Darin and Sandra Dee Movies

In the few years that they were married (1960-1967), Bobby Darin and Sandra Dee made three films together. Though they weren't married-hadn't even met yet, in fact- when they started shooting the first of the three, Come September, it didn't take them long to fall in love. Though Sandra had thought Bobby obnoxious when they first met, his charm and charisma quickly changed her mind and they were dating before the movie had wrapped and married shortly after. Their chemistry in That Funny Feeling, in particular, is hard to miss and the budding feelings between two young entertainers in their few scenes together in Come September is adorable. It's a joy to watch these two play off of each other and a shame they didn't make more movies together.

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Come September

1961 / Romantic Comedy


Rock Hudson as Robert Talbot

Gina Lollobridgida as Lisa Fellini

Bobby Darin as Tony

Sandra Dee as Sandy Stevens

and Walter Slezak as Maurice Clavell

Filmed on location in Italy in 1960, Come September was the first movie Darin and Dee starred in together and the place where the 23 year old Darin fell in love with an 18 year old Sandy. Set in Italy, Come September is about Robert Talbot (Hudson), an industrialist whose once a year trips to Italy involve a little tryst with a long time 'girl friend' (Lollobridgida). When he returns to Italy in July rather than his usual September trip, he surprises everyone and finds a girlfriend who is planning a wedding to another man, the major domo (Slezak) of his villa has turned it into a hotel and it's full of unwanted guests and there's a group of American boys camped out along the walls of the villa turned hotel attempting to woo the young girls staying there.

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If A Man Answers

1962 / Romantic Comedy


Sandra Dee as Chantal Stacy

Bobby Darin as Eugene Wright

Cesar Romero as Robert Swan / Adam Wright

and Stefanie Powers as Tina

In their second film together, If a Man Answers, Sandra Dee and Bobby Darin play a socialite and a photographer respectively, who get married. Chantal (Dee) is afraid her marriage to Eugene (Darin) is failing and asks her saucy French mother for advice. In response, her mother hands her a book about training dogs and tells her daughter of a trick she'd used early in her own marriage to Chantal's father- inventing an old boyfriend to make the husband jealous. Her mother explains that anytime she calls her daughter, she hangs up without a word anytime a man (Chantal's husband Eugene) answers the phone, lending the title to the film and giving Eugene plenty of reason to question his wife, especially when Chantal employs her mothers' tricks. Pretend people who turn up for dinner, manipulating wives trying to 'train' their husbands and misunderstandings galore fill the plot of this cute and fun film.

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That Funny Feeling

1965 / Romantic Comedy


Bobby Darin as Tom Milford

Sandra Dee as Joan Howell

and Donald O'Connor as Harvey Granson

That Funny Feeling was Dee and Darin's third and final film together. It was shot during their seven year marriage. The film is about a maid for hire (Dee) who works for but has never met Mr. Milford (Darin). She lets herself in to clean his apartment while he's at work or away. When the two run into each other on the street, a case of mistaken identity ensues. When he asks her out, Joan doesn't want Tom to see the tiny place she shares with a roommate so she tells him her apartment is the one she's been cleaning, not realizing Tom is the owner of the apartment. Tom plays along, curious and intrigued about why she's lying to him. Tom's friend (O'Connor) is brought into the mix when Tom needs an apartment to use as his own and when there are some concerns about some expensive paintings.

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Bobby and Sandy....LOVE

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