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The Mountain Between Us Movie Review…The Warm Romance Above Snow Mountains!



Romance movies are undoubtedly a source of warmth in the dynamic life especially love stories that emerge during hard times or in a life-threatening accident. We are here with a movie of that kind.


Plot Summary

The film opens on a neurosurgeon widowed Dr. Ben Bass (Idris Elba) and an engaged photojournalist Alex Martin (Kate Winslet) taking a private plane driven by an aged pilot instead of their cancelled flight due to bad weather. They decided to do so in order to arrive to their destination on time for their critical missions. A heart attack strikes the old man, then the plane falls in the snow mountains, and they end up injured but Alex’s one is more severe. They struggle to find help and go through some troubles together for a period of time with a big feeling of despair. In the meantime they develop physical relation. Later after surviving and going back to normal life, they decide how to complete their life and deal with their past lives.



Elba could play the character of the responsible man and doctor in critical times whether fell in love with his crisis partner or not. He was so warm-hearted that he refused to leave her alone in snow mountains as she would slow his opportunities to find a help. He insisted on staying with her and cared about her physical wounds and breaks, saving her from the cold water beneath the snow layer and even looking for the dog of the pilot to satisfy her, till they did it together and survived. His performance was exceptional.

Kate played the practical woman character till she got injured and lived the hard time with him then she turned into a romantic woman that loved him profoundly before and after she made love with him. She felt that he was responsible for her got attached to him that she called him after getting apart. She couldn’t forget him after going back to her fiancée. Furthermore, she presented the feelings of confusion and lack of confidence in his feelings and the change of her feelings towards her fiancée. The last scene was amazing and fervently performed by both.

The plot was predictable and didn’t have twists, but due to the good performance, direction, balanced rhythm and the romantic story, we can say it is interesting and amusing. One of the most unbelievable moments in the film occurs in the scene of Alex falling in the cold water beneath the snow layer and Ben trying to find and save her, then carrying her to a near cabin and looking after her till she woke up.

Scenes Structure

The only concern I have is the conflict between the intimate scene when they demonstrate a great deal of love and intimacy, then we find them unconfident in their feelings and wait for a long time without clarifying their situation, and moreover discussing it later. This part was not convincing to me at all, unless the filmmakers meant it to be only a careless moment of having sex without love, then deciding what it was later! Therefore, I think the film structure has something unclear or the narrative was fragmented or non- linear. Dialogue was good and the conversations developed logically. Visual presentation and actors interactions were good.


In general, it is a well directed film in the majority of the scenes by Hany Abu-Asaad and leaves the viewer satisfied and relaxed of the warm love story. It is written by Chris Weitz and J. Mills Goodloe, based on the novel of the same name by Charles Martin who chose a truly fantastic and rhetorical film title that referred, in my opinion, to more than a mountain; the snow mountain they stayed in, the mountain of her engagement to another man and the mountain of his faithfulness to his dead wife.

On a scale from zero to five, I would give it a four only for the conflict and confusion of the plot in the middle of the events. However, I would definitely recommend it especially for the romance genre fans as the actors' performance is really fascinating and the movie as a whole leaves the viewer with warm and happiness.

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