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The Most Hilariously Bad Audition Ever On "American Idol"

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"mohamed_hassan" is the creator of this image.

"mohamed_hassan" is the creator of this image.

1. The Torture Of Being A Judge For "American Idol"

I don't know anyone who does not like watching American Idol. It is one of those television shows that have earned their longstanding presence on our television airwaves. Successful musical careers get started on this same television show. However, if you ever get a chance to watch the auditions for this television series, you're going to feel as though you are watching a rerun of The Gong Show. The only thing that will be missing from it will be the gong itself. Then again, the judges on this television series have become very vocal whenever a horrible singer has somehow found their way to their television studios for an audition, particularly Simon Cowell.

So many years ago I decided to watch the American Idol auditions. After watching Keith Beukelaer sing or rather murder Madonna's song titled "Like A Virgin," I never anticipated that there could be anyone worse than him. Below is a video clip of Mr. Beukelaer delivering his audition to American Idol judges Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson.

Keith Beukelaer Sings "Like A Virgin" And "I Wanna Dance With Somebody"

Simon Cowell commented to this young man that he was the worst singer in the world. I agree. This man actually believed that he was a good singer, when reality eventually hit him directly in the face upon Mr. Cowell and Mr. Jackson confronting him with the brutally honestly truth about his lack of talent.

In the comments section from where I obtained this video clip on YouTube, a YouTuber named S Lit stated:

KEITH.... Snorting your SNOT 3 Times isn't going to Convince the Judges that you can Sing... Either will that DUMB HAIRCUT..

Mr. Beukelaer's haircut doesn't bother me. However, YouTuber S Lit is correct about this young man's chronic sniffles. Nobody wants to listen to someone sniffle loud before and after they deliver a musical performance, good or bad. Moreover, it makes Mr. Beukelaer appear to be nervous in front of the judges, which doesn't help his image at all. He should have kept a handkerchief in one of his pants pockets and used it before he walked out onto the audition platform. He had to expect Mr. Cowell and Mr. Jackson to notice those details and possibly nitpick at them; and they would have had every right to do so.

Nevertheless, just when I had thought that nobody any worse than Mr. Beukelaer could ever appear on the auditions of American Idol, lo behold, another pathetic buffoon crawled out of the woodwork. His name is Ian Benardo (birth name: Ian Bernardo Varon), and this man is a real piece of work.

2. Ian Benardo's Display Of Eccentricities And Absurdities On Camera

On many of the American Idol auditions, I have seen some of the rejects get testy and verbally belligerent with the judges on the panel. However, Ian Benardo takes his histrionics way above and beyond in that he actually makes a scene on camera. The names of the judges who watched him sing and perform on the audition platform were Paula Abdul, Randy Jackson, Carole Bayer Sager, and Simon Cowell in that same seating order.

Mr. Benardo agreed to sing the song titled "Gloria" by the late Laura Branigan. Before you watch him make a fool out of himself on camera, below is a video of that same song by its original artist so that you can hear how that song is supposed to sound and how it is supposed to be sung.

The Song Titled "Gloria" By The Late Laura Branigan

The late Ms. Branigan was probably turning over in her grave when she heard Mr. Benardo covering her song titled "Gloria" on the American Idol auditions. May she rest in peace. Fans of the late Ms. Branigan were likely unhappy about Mr. Benardo tearing her song apart.

Whenever a really awful singer appears on the American Idol auditions, Paula Abdul usually makes a very furious facial expression inasmuch as she is apparently someone who doesn't appreciate anyone wasting her valuable time. However, Mr. Benardo's performance was so hilariously bad and his histrionics were so melodramatic that even Ms. Abdul could not keep herself from bursting into laughter. Below is a video clip of Mr. Benardo's appearance on the American Idol auditions.

Ian Benardo Sings "Gloria" On An "American Idol" Audition

There can be no question that Mr. Benardo is entertaining, especially when he makes a scene at Simon Cowell. However, he's a comedian rather than a singer or a musician. There's only one problem with that picture. Whenever he makes a scene or engages in one of his eccentricities, people are usually laughing at him rather than with him.

Mr. Benardo is undoubtedly a sore loser. After the judges on American Idol voted to reject him before he even had a chance to appear on stage before a live audience on national television, he became vindictive about it and filed a discrimination lawsuit against them on the basis of sexual orientation. However, his lawsuit was ultimately unsuccessful. I don't think that the judges on American Idol cared one way or another whether Mr. Benardo was gay or straight. They just didn't feel that he was the next Barry Manilow.

This was not the first time that Mr. Benardo had ever made a scene during an audition for any television series. He had previously misbehaved in this manner on the television series So You Think You Can Dance. Below is a video clip of his appearance for that same audition.

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Ian Benardo Auditions On The Television Series "So You Think You Can Dance"

This man is his own worst enemy. His 15 minutes of fame on an American Idol audition and an So You Think You Can Dance audition is not going to pave a pathway of success for him to Hollywood, and it won't get him a starring role in any major motion picture at the box office either. YouTuber AidenProjects describes accurately all the problems that Mr. Benardo encounters when it comes to doing a reality check on where his so-called entertainment career and his life are headed.

YouTuber AidenProjects sounds very young in his video below, but you can tell that he has a good head on his shoulders and that he does his homework before posting a video of this nature on his YouTube channel. He also dug up some additional video footage of Mr. Benardo taking his eccentricities and absurdities to a new level. You may watch the video below.

YouTuber AidenProjects Offers A Commentary Regarding Ian Benardo

After watching so many videos on YouTube of Mr. Benardo, it becomes obvious that he is an attention-seeking man-child. Also, he's his own biggest fan, although he does manage to raise a number of eyebrows from the public at large whenever he dives into one of his antics. Anyone can see that he is a trust-fund brat with a strong sense of entitlement.

Mr. Benardo reminds me of this one boy I knew back in high school whose name was Mark. Mark was someone who would have done almost anything to elicit attention from his classmates. When I first met Mark in my freshman year of high school, he became involved in doing weather readings; and then people started calling him "The Weatherman" to poke fun at him.

Later on, Mark realized that he was receiving the wrong kind of attention from his peers, and then he tried to shake off this entire hilariously pathetic image he had created for himself. By my junior year of high school, whenever someone would ask him what the weather was, he would tell them to look outside. Mark is one of those types of kids from your formative years that you never forget.

I always wonder if Mr. Benardo was like Mark back when he was in high school. If he was, even the school bullies were probably afraid to cross paths with him inasmuch as they feared that he would get them expelled or sent off to a juvenile detention facility in some strange manner.

If Mr. Benardo were ever to appear on Judge Judy, it would be a memorable day in television entertainment history. Judge Judy would be banging her gavel every three seconds, and Mr. Benardo would be making a spectacle of himself in front of the entire courtroom as he would likely be partaking in a shouting contest with her. Everyone in the audience of the courtroom would at least be smirking at one another, if not laughing. After the show was over, Judge Judy would likely demand that she be allowed to go on vacation for at least a whole month, if not a whole year, to recover from the ordeal.

I always wonder if Mr. Benardo has ever gotten kicked off an airplane. Then again, he would be one to give an airline employee an earthshattering experience, and that airline employee would subsequently be questioning why they didn't go into a different line of work. Even the airport security people would be afraid of him.

Interestingly enough, Mr. Benardo appears to have never had a significant other in his entire life. Is it possible for a gay man to be an incel ("involuntary celibate")? If so, I've never known of one until now. I guess that anyone can be one regardless of their sexual orientation. Below is a video clip of an interview with him regarding the topic of love.

Ian Benardo Admits That He Doesn't Believe In Love

I don't take much stock in all the hostile rhetoric and the misleading malarkey that self-appointed experts and know-it-alls feed the public regarding the alleged danger of incels to society. At the same time, I also am of the school of thought that you're able to catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

Mr. Benardo presents himself to be very bitter about love in the video above. Perhaps somewhere down the line somebody hurt him really badly when he was younger at a time that he was pursuing a romance with someone who interested him. It's hard to pinpoint what makes him this way. In any event, he would be more successful at winning people over for friendship, romance, or for whatever reason if he took a positive outlook on life rather than put his viewpoint out there regarding what he perceives to be the overall non-existence of love. Even if he were able to prove that he was right about the overall non-existence of love, his voicing of such an opinion would not ingratiate him with others.

"specmihey" is the author of this photograph.

"specmihey" is the author of this photograph.

3. Final Thoughts

I used to live in Los Angeles, California; and after having been an extra in various films, I discovered firsthand the allure of getting your face on camera. We all like to think of ourselves as stars like in the lyrics of the song titled "Everybody Is A Star" by Sly and the Family Stone. If you're not familiar with that song, you can listen to it in the video below.

The Song Titled "Everybody Is A Star" By Sly And The Family Stone

Nevertheless, competition is fierce in the entertainment industry, especially the music entertainment industry. It is good to have ambition to pursue a dream of becoming a singer if you believe that you have what it takes to achieve that goal. However, when it becomes a futile ego trip as it did with Ian Benardo, it can bring more consequences than benefits to someone's life. You simply have to know when it's time to let go and move on, and Mr. Benardo cannot seem to face up to that same reality.

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