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The Midnight Gospel: A Review


The Midnight Gospel aired on Netflix on April 20, 2020. The show offers viewer the psychedelic experience of watching a series animated space-podcasts. The show follows the anti-hero Clancy as he uses his Universe Simulator to travel different worlds and interview interesting beings. As the story progresses, audiences come to realize that Clancy is on a quest to find a place in his own universe. Little information is given about the protagonist in the first episode. Instead viewers gather bits and pieces from each episode in order to obtain a idea of who he is and what his true motives are.

The interviews in this series are just as interesting at the mystery of Clancy. Interviewees provide Clancy with their views on a variety of intriguing as we watch each world huttle towards a chaotic end. The discussions about life, religion, meditations and even drugs are simultaneously connected and disconnected from what is happening on screen. Your eyes want to focus on every detail of the colorful, wonky worlds they are presented. Whereas your mind is entranced by the intellectual conversations that accompany mayhem you're seeing, like a zombie apocalypse.

Is it worth the watch?

This show is definitely worth the watch. This series is not the kind of show to binge watch but it one worth watching over the course of a few days. The interviews a inspiring to say the least. Although each adventure is different in every episode, they are still tied together well by the show's plot. Thus skipping between episodes is not advised.

The beauty of The Midnight Gospel is how well the writers tie together the action, Clancy's character development and interviews. Like Adventure Time, Midnight Gospel seems parked with underlying meaning and messaging as well as obvious life lessons. I am unsure what it is meant to be taken as it is presented to me and what I meant to think on for a little while longer. Overall, the show is well crafted.


Will there be a season 2?

Co-writer Duncan Trussell who voices Clancy, expressed his excitement and high hopes for the show's return last year. Unfortunately, Netflix has yet to confirm a second season of The Midnight Gospel. The season ends in a cliffhanger that leaves fans expecting the show to return eventually. However, until word gets out that it is renewed, we are left with nothing but hope to so see more of Clancy.

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