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The Marvel Cinematic Universe "Spider-verse"

Spider-man: Spider-verse


While it has not been confirmed, there are rumors that speculate Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield could be suiting back up for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

I have spent much of quarantine theorizing with my brother where the MCU is heading now that they have completed the Infinity Saga. The most interesting and exciting topic, for me, is the discussion of Spider-man.

'Spider-man: Far From Home' knocked the MCU Spider-man up a couple of notches and has become one of my favorites. Both of his movies are enjoyable to watch, but Far From Home exceeded my expectations.

If you have not seen that film, stop reading, and go watch it. Because I am going to talk about spoilers. That is your warning.

The ending of Far From Home had my jaw drop to the floor with the surprise ending of Peter Parker's secret identity being revealed by J. Jonah Jameson. It was a one-two punch to the gut that left me wanting more.

I tried to imagine how the next film in the series would have Peter Parker living his life now that the world knows who he is. I just find that concept very interesting and something we haven't seen yet.

However, the rumors of Maguire and Garfield have me thinking.

Why couldn't they come to the MCU?

With the highly successful 'Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse', Kevin Feige knows that it can happen. In my opinion, he needs to look at that film and say "fans want this."

But how would they do it? How could they brink back previous actors who were not apart of the MCU?


My top theory comes from 'Avengers: Endgame' when the Ancient One is talking to Bruce Banner about the Infinity Stones.

I actually thought they had the perfect opportunity to create the multiverse in Far From Home with Mysterio. I mean, Peter Parker literally mentions the multiverse. But it was a good fakeout, I guess.

Anyway- back to the topic at hand- in Endgame, the Ancient One warns Bruce Banner of the Infinity Stones.

"The Infinity Stones create what you experience as the flow of time. Remove one of the stones and that flow splits."

The Ancient One warns that if one Infinity Stone is missing then there will be different flows of time.

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After Thanos is finished with the Infinity Stones following Infinity War, he destroys them. The Avengers travel through time to retrieve Infinity Stones in order to stop Thanos. They return them so the flow of time can continue. However, Thanos still destroyed the Infinity Stones in the "flow of time" that we watch in these films.

So, based on what the Ancient One claims, this would create one, if not several, different flows of time.

I'm pretty certain that Keven Feige could use this to introduce the Spider-verse. If not, then I'm overthinking it and he could use the snap. Just like Mysterio claimed is how he got to our Earth.


Another theory that I have been thinking about is WandaVision and her role inside of the future MCU.

We know that she is getting her very own show on Disney+. We have seen the trailer for it. We know that it is going to be all sorts of crazy and weird, but what does it have to do with the MCU? I mean, Vision is dead.

From what I can gather, the show is going to be her fantasy. She wants to live in these sitcom type of lifestyles with the love of her life. So, she manipulates time, at least in her head, so she can live with him.

Now, I'm not sure how this is going to tie into the MCU films, but she is set to star in the second Doctor Strange film. That film is titled, 'Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness'.

It kind of seems like Wanda might accidentally create some kind of multiverse which will bring Doctor Strange into the picture, leading him into his second film.

This would be a perfect opportunity for Marvel to introduce several new characters into the MCU, including the X-Men, The Fantastic Four, Deadpool, Venom, but most importantly, multiple Spider-men.


I don't know everything. I can't predict the future I'm just a college kid with too much time on his hands that sits around all day and dreams about a film where I can see three amazing actors portray their version of Spider-man together.

Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse is one of my favorite films. It has the action, the heart, the comedy, and it's just pretty to look at.

The filmmakers pulled in a handful of different Spider-men (and women) and managed not to screw it up. It can be done. They can bring back previous Spider-men and even introduce Miles Morales and Spider-Gwen.

Whatever Feige decides to do next, he is going to have to do something BIG after the Infinity Saga and continue to please fans. He has the perfect opportunity to create a mind-boggling experience with Spider-man.

Only time will tell of the future of Spider-man. For now, just enjoy this fan-made concept trailer of the possible Spider-verse future.

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