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The Magic of Movies: A Larger Than Life Experience That Takes Us out of the Ordinary World

The Magic of Movies


When I was a young child, I remember coming back from summer break and having to sit in the classroom and listen to my classmates incredible vacation stories from over the summer. I remember it so well because I was always so jealous of them.

I was jealous because I never went on those vacations. My childhood was full of pinching pennies to make ends meet. There was a time in my childhood where my parents, myself and my two brothers lived in a house that was not "livable". It was crawling with bugs. We had to put plastic sheets up everywhere, basically boxing ourselves in the living room. That was our home. A living room.

Long story short: we were dirt poor.

There was one thing that got me through, however: my mother's VHS collection. In rough times where we were struggling or my friends were too busy to hang out because they were in France for the summer, I lost myself in the art of film.

Film became my escape.

And at a young age, my love for film grew.


I wanted to bring up the memory of having to listen to my classmates talk about their vacation stories because I think it is important to mention: I never took vacations.

I am now twenty-four years old and have still never taken a vacation.

My vacation was going to the "cheap show", which was the theater down town that played the movies that were about to be released on DVD. Dad would take the family out at the end of every other month to watch a movie.

However, I have grown to accept that I never took real vacations because my family was too poor or I was spending my summers working at the local food market to help my family out.

I look back and I realize that I took for granted those moments. Where I thought I was missing out; I was beginning a life long obsession for film.

I realize now that there is something special about film that offers people an escape from their ordinary lives. It allows the audience to become fully involved in the story and they forget about all of their problems for ninety minutes.


There are too many problems that we as people take on during a typical day. Personally, I started dealing with anxiety and depression after graduating college and moving back home after six years of living in a different state.

After a long day of dealing with these mental emotions that drain a person, there is nothing that cheers me up more than a great film.

I can watch an upbeat musical that makes me feel like life can be upbeat. It makes me want to throw my front door open and embrace the world in song and dance. Everyone will break out into a great musical number and enjoy the moment together.

Just like the real world works... right?

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But that's the point.

The real world does not work like that. We all know that. We all know that the intro to "La La Land" is highly unrealistic. There is no way that the people stuck in traffic are going to step out of their cars and dance together on top of their parked cars.

It will never happen. I'm sorry to break it to you.


But that's the point.

Movies can jump out of the television screen and encase you in the story. You can live the story as if it were the real world. As if you are right beside the fictional characters on screen and you're living in their world.

I remember watching "Moana" for the first time and feeling completely inspired. At the end of the film when our hero discovers what her destiny will be. There is a moment in which my world stops and I am in the film myself. I am discovering my own destiny.

My eyes widen. I lean forward. Goosebumps appear on my skin. I am 100% out of my body and lose myself in the story.

Now, I get this way in a lot of films because I submerge myself in film.

There are only a few films that really get me. But when they do, it is almost like I'm having an out of body experience.

And I'm brought right back to my childhood. And losing myself in film so I didn't have to live the life of the poor kid. When I put in one of Mom's old VHS tapes, I wasn't the poor kid.

I was the hero.


I'm not sure what the point of this article is.

I don't quite know what I want the takeaway to be.

I've just been thinking about the Marvel Cinematic Universe a lot lately because of "Spider-man: No Way Home". After watching the trailer and seeing Doctor Octopus appear on screen, I felt quite a bit of nostalgia in my body.

I remembered my love of film.

It reminded me of watching "Spider-man" for the first time when I was a kid. Sam Raimi's "Spider-man" is full of nostalgia.

Film can make a person laugh, cry or inspire them. Or such as "Spider-man", it can bring back memories of youthfulness and nostalgia. It can remind you of a simpler time.

There is something special in finding joy and love out of something as simple as a movie. But that's what humans do. Find joy out of the simplest things.

There is nothing better than sitting down with a bucket full of popcorn. The lights dim. The score accompanies the action happening on screen. And everything combines to lift your spirit from your body and into a different dimension.

You feel like a kid again. You feel like a hero. You feel like the man who will ride off with the girl into the sunset.

Whatever the case, movies are an escape. They are something that should be cherished. They are something that will never go out of style.

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