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Here Comes The Original Cast of THE MUNSTERS

There’s a huge advantage of a DVD over streaming — so bear with me as we explain. When a DVD is purchased (or rented as in the past), the person who is going to watch that DVD knows exactly what is on it because it has all of the information on the back of the case. But even more importantly, the person knows what the DVD is all about because they bought it in the first place. That’s very different from browsing around the thousands of choices that streaming services offer — not to mention that in many cases they don’t have that particular DVD content that the person wants to see.

So with that in mind, if you’re a fan of the original cast of the MUNSTERS or even just curious about same, and we’re not talking about movies or recent incarnations but the original TV cast that graced the airwaves back in the 1960’s, then you’ve probably seen that the TV episodes are available to watch. But what hasn’t been available, until now that is, are lost episodes and TV appearances out of their show of the cast that have blurred away during the so many years now gone by. Which is why MPI Media Group has put out MARINELAND CARNIVAL with THE MUNSTERS TV SHOW CAST MEMBERS & MORE LOST TREASURES. What spins on this disc are lost episodes and appearances of the cast. And more. So let’s jump in.


Lost TV Appearances of THE MUNSTERS

MARINELAND CARNIVAL is an hour long special episode in 1965 (geesh, 50+ years gone by…) featuring the MUNSTERS cast hanging out at, wait for it, the MARINELAND CARNIVAL. It’s not hard to imagine that it’s a fun ride there and obviously the cast is in full character-mode. Two important notes: first this is not something that would show up in reruns because of its length (the MUNSTERS TV show being a half hour w/commercials) And also because of the second note — this is in full color.

So instead of black and white you’re getting Herman in all his off color glory along with the rest of the cast in their appropriate shades (to be fair, the main pictures of them on the cover of the DVD appear to be colorized versions of a black and white publicity photo). This enables greater detail to be seen as to Herman’s makeup and for Grandpa as well. Lily, by the way, always looked great but here even better. Just remember that clothing for the most part for TV shows that were in black and white worked off of how they would look in grey tones and not color (the black and white episodes of TV’s Superman being a good example here).


Rare TV Skits and Interviews

Besides this there are a number of skits and TV appearances and vintage TV interviews — one most notable has Fred Gwynn (Herman) in full costume talking with Danny Kaye on the Danny Kaye Show — Kaye was an accomplished movie and TV star and a comedian of first class so the two together really hit it off and play off of it each well (that Danny Kaye has fallen into the well of time is an insult and we wish readers would check him and his films out — The Court Jester being a total thumbs up for fun and laughter).

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Also to be found is music from the New Christy Minstrels and a featurette by the (then) youngest cast member, Butch Patrick (always thought his real name would have been perfect for the show, rather than Eddy).



The DVD is in color and black and white, and the quality is quite good, with some exceptions due to the vintage nature of some of the content. That doesn’t make anything difficult to view, just that on today’s big TVs some of the black and white portions will be a bit less than optimal compared to what the standards are today (but at least you don’t have to worry about losing that Wi-Fi connection). Audio is not rated but it’s fair to say it’s monophonic, but clear enough not to cause any agitation and require multiple listenings. You’ll hear everything just fine.

MARINELAND CARNIVAL with THE MUNSTERS TV SHOW CAST MEMBERS & MORE LOST TREASURES is a fun ride for fans and fans-to-be and those who enjoy entertainment harkening back to an earlier and “simpler” time of TV shows. For further details go to

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