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PanamaTrickster Reviews: The Lost City (2022)

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If you miss Sandra Bullock’s style of comedy in Miss Congeniality, The Lost City will fill that void perfectly. Her portrayal of the exhausted novelist Loretta is the perfect role for her, and it is extremely evident that she has fun with it throughout the entirety of the film. Likewise, Channing Tatum is filling the comedic void you might miss from him in 21 Jump Street. Both work extremely well together on screen, as their connection was believable and enjoyable to see.

However, The Lost City isn’t without its flaws. A green screen is all too obvious in multiple scenes, and you might never get away from feeling claustrophobic despite the film’s attempt at a sprawling jungle-scape. Something about the set design keeps you inside the filming studio rather than transporting you to the world that was intended. The scenery always seems to look fake, but you can’t ever quite pinpoint why.

This aside, I was happily treated to a style of comedy that the writers didn’t ever seem to overdo, as no “running gags” or repeat jokes were used. The jokes landed for the specific scenes they were intended for, induced a good laugh, then moved on to the next scene. It was refreshing in this way, and did not feel lazy like so many other comedy movies in this same vein.

The biggest gripe I have with this movie is, despite its nearly two-hour runtime, the climax of the film was not rewarding. It was all build-up, then ended almost immediately. It never felt rushed, but the journey seemed more important to the team of writers than the conclusion. While this isn’t always a negative thing, in this particular instance, it left us feeling incomplete.


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