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The Lorax Movie Review

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The Lorax Movie Review

The Lorax Movie Review

The Lorax Movie Review

Dr. Seuss' The Lorax Movie Review


THE LORAX is a cute movie for children. The Lorax the movie is an animated movie. The Lorax the movie is also a very scenic, colorful movie. The Lorax the movie is funny, with both comedic elements and some more serious tones at times. Here is a movie review for The Lorax the movie.

It's summer time and the kids' summer movie series is back on at several local movie theaters where we live. Kids can enjoy watching movies on the big screen at the movie theater. They get so excited to watch the movies on the big theater screen. In years past, these movies in the kids' summer movie series were $1 per movie ticket.

This year, the cost is $2 and it's still a great deal. The movies are not recent. The movies in the series are several years old but kids still enjoy watching these older movies immensely, especially if it is one they haven't seen before.

A main movie character in The Lorax is a young boy named Ted Wiggins. In The Lorax the movie, Ted has a big crush on a girl named Audrey.

Family life in The Lorax the movie

In The Lorax the movie, an animated movie, Ted Wiggins lives with his mother and his grandmother. His grandmother is voiced by the recognizable voice actor Betty White.

In opening scenes of The Lorax the movie, Audrey shows Ted a beautiful mural that she has painted, depicting real trees!

You see, they live in a town that is made entirely of plastic and real trees have been gone for years.

A greedy CEO sells bottled purified air to town residents!

Audrey expresses to Ted that she truly desires to see a real tree one day. With his big crush, he desires to make her wish come true.

One day at home, during a meal of gelatin like food at the table with his mother and grandmother, Ted asks them about the possibility of seeing a real tree. Do they have the information he needs?

Ted's mom dismisses him, asking him what does he need a real tree for? They already own the latest PLASTIC model of a tree. It lights up and everything.

Ted's grandma is more understanding. She pretends to have misplaced her dentures and asks her daughter to go look for them. After Ted's mom walks away from the table, Ted's grandma lets him know about a guy outside of town that can lead him to a tree if any still exist.

Leaving town in The Lorax the movie

In The Lorax the movie, Ted Wiggins make a treacherous journey out of town on his bike to find the man that his grandmother spoke of.

The man clearly wants no visitors and stays obscured in darkness in his home while Ted Wiggins tries to talk to him.

The man is surprised that anyone still wants to know about real trees. He thought nobody cared about trees anymore.

Ted Wiggins reassures the man that he is a person that really cares about trees. The man accuses Ted of going through all the trouble of leaving town simply because he has a crush on a girl and wants to impress her.

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Story time in The Lorax the movie

It becomes story time in The Lorax the movie. There is a story within a story as the man who is now old tells Ted all about his business ventures as a young man determined to be successful.

The man ended up traveling away from his home and family in search of success. He ended up stumbling upon a forest paradise that he thought of as the most beautiful sight he had ever seen! He ended up cutting down a tree to make crafts to sell.

With the cutting of that one tree, a mythical and legendary character, The Lorax, appeared to speak for the trees and implore that the man would not cut down any more trees!

Greedy and opportunistic

Being greedy and opportunistic gets the best of the man. Soon that one tree that was cut down turns into every single tree! His greedy family had traveled to meet up with him and spur him on in his endeavors but expressed their disappointment in him when the last moneymaking tree was cut down, then left.

Imagine being unable to see a real tree and longing to see one!


Everyone was disappointed

Everyone was disappointed, but for different reasons.

All of the woodland creatures including bears that had befriended the man were now displaced and had to move away after the disappearance of the trees that they needed.

The Lorax himself, who had trusted the man to be responsible and keep promises, was gravely disappointed by what had transpired. At this point in time, The Lorax went away as well.

The man lived a lonely and isolated life until Ted came to inquire about the trees and the man explained that the disappearance of the trees was his fault.

He hands over one small seed to Ted Wiggins and ask him to plant it in the center of town for everyone to see.

Ted says, "I won't let you down!"

I won’t let you down!

— Ted

Ted rushes off

Ted rushes off on his bike, back to town and has to get past the people (Remember the CEO selling bottled purified air?!) that wouldn't want him to plant the tree.

He also has to find real dirt in the ground to plant the tree! Everything is covered in plastic and there is fake grass!

Let it grow!

Ted's mother, grandmother and Audrey are all ready to help him. Soon enough, the majority of the town community is rallying behind Ted with the song, "Let it [the tree] grow!"

The Lorax reappears

After Ted achieves success in planting the tree, with many more trees to come thereafter, The Lorax reappears to the man and tells him, "You did good!" They sweetly hug.

The Lorax the movie is a nice movie with a feel good ending for children and important reminders to take good care of trees and the environment!

You did good!

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The Lorax Movie

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