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The Lone Wolf's Editorial: Will Smith Is a Jerk, and Ruined His Own Career

Dan Klizano is a man of few words, but when he does speak, he always has something worth saying regardless if you agree with him or not.


Slap heard around the world....

Will Smith has officially lost his mind. Maybe he needs to move back in with his Uncle Phil and Aunt Vivian in Bel Air. Cue in the "Prince of Bel Air" music quickly! All jokes aside, this is arguably one of the most embarrassing nights in Oscar history, and what makes it sadder is that all of this could've been avoided if Will had exercised common sense. Now, he officially ruined his own career, and he has nobody to blame for that but himself.

This should've been a glorious night for a lot of people, and a shining moment for the Williams sisters as well. As most sports fans know, both Venus and Serena Williams are two of the most dominant female tennis players that ever lived. "King Richard" was supposed to be a film celebrating their father's legacy and life. This was supposed to be not just a great moment for Will, but for them as well. Yet because of Will's ignorance, he ruined that night for all parties involved in the film.

Apparently Will learned nothing from his days in Bel Air


Thoughts on people blaming Chris Rock for what happened, and claiming he was in the wrong as well.

For those of you who don't know, Jada Pinkett-Smith suffers from Alopecia, which is a medical condition that's described as being partial or complete absence of hair where it normally grows; baldness essentially. I didn't know about her medical condition until after the fact, nor was I aware of such a condition. I guess this means all men and women that are going bald suffer from Alopecia? I'm not a doctor, but apparently Alopecia is a medical condition that Jada Pinkett-Smith aka Will Smith's wife suffers from.

Needless to say, she found Chris Rock's "GI Jane" joke as a reference to her lack of hair to be incredibly insulting by the way she glared at him, and even her own husband for initially laughing at said joke. Apparently, this is a topic that she's sensitive on, and I know many have defended Will saying he was merely defending his wife's honor, even though she clearly never defends his honor when people in the media ridicule him for allowing his wife to sleep with other men, but I digress.

I'm not here to discuss the social dynamics of open relationships, nor do I care to get into the issues that Will Smith might have with his wife, as that's none of my concern, nor do I care. However, there was a right and wrong way to handle this situation, and Will chose the wrong way.

First of all, it was just a joke. Words from a comedian just trying to make people laugh. That's their job. They roast people and situations all the time, in order to get a laugh out of their audience. And if you watch the tape of what happened, it was obvious that Chris didn't have any malice intended behind the joke itself. You could argue it was a bad joke made in poor tastes; especially if he knew about her condition, and how sensitive she is about it. However, he did nothing wrong regardless of what anyone says. It was just a harmless joke that most people didn't even find funny anyways. Words can't hurt you unless you allow them to hurt you. Anyone with common sense knows this fact. What Chris Rock said was arguably insensitive and rude, but that's no excuse for what Will Smith did onstage that night.

If Will Smith wanted to be a man defending his wife's "honor", then he should've walked right on stage and instead of slapping Chris, he should've told him to his face, while looking at him dead in the eyes, that joke wasn't funny, and ask him for an apology because it offended his woman. That's what his response should've been.

That's what a real man would've done in that situation, and knowing how much of a professional Chris Rock is, he would've done so in kind. But instead? Will just slaps him on live TV, and gets away with it. And then proceeds to curse at Chris Rock, after Chris tries to play it off as a joke to keep the show going. This is not only unprofessionalism personified, but speaks volumes about Will's character or lack thereof.

And that brings me to my next point I'm going to make.

The infamous slap that may have ruined Will's career forever.

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The Academy Awards is a joke with no punchline....

Regardless of how anyone feels about Chris Rock's insensitive joke, the reality is what Will did was illegal, and unjustified. And the fact that he wasn't escorted out of the building after it happened, and how he still got a standing ovation for his Oscar acceptance speech, after the incident, speaks volumes about the cowardice and toxic environment that Hollywood breeds.

Will Smith should've been prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, and should've been denied his Oscar. Granted, Chris Rock didn't want to press charges, but that doesn't matter. The LAPD and the producers of the Oscars should've done it anyways without Chris' consent, as this can't go unpunished. It's sad that Will Smith was allowed to stay to accept his award, in spite of his actions prior to his acceptance speech. However, this is the same Academy that continues to glorify Roman Polanski and Woody Allen, in spite of their misdeeds involving underage children. Plus, it was rumored they were considering the controversial Netflix movie, "Cuties", for an Oscar last year, so I shouldn't be surprised.

However, this speaks to how sad the Academy has gotten. I used to love watching the Academy Awards, as it used to be the gold standard for award shows on TV. Now, it's turned political, and made into a joke with no punchline. You have voters who openly admit anonymously that they don't even watch all the movies they nominate or vote for. You have some voters claiming they only vote for the animated films their kids like rather than their own judgement. Now, you have these mandated minority quotas in order for a film to be even considered for a nomination, which is nonsense. A film should be nominated based on the quality of work. Not based on how many minority groups that work in front and behind the camera.

Now, this happens? Does the Oscars not have security? And according to some reports, Will was asked to leave, but he said "No", so he was allowed to stay? I'm sorry but what kind of nonsense is that? You ask someone to leave after they did something wrong, and they say "no", so you can't remove them? Are you kidding me? We all know if a normal person did this, then they'd be thrown out regardless if they wanted to leave or not, so does this mean Will is above the laws that you and I have to adhere to each day? It seems like it.

Will Smith's Anti Violence PSA. Shame he doesn't follow his own advice..

Robin:  Golly gee wilkers Batman!   Do you really need to slap me while you're impersonating Will Smith?

Robin: Golly gee wilkers Batman! Do you really need to slap me while you're impersonating Will Smith?

Will Smith has gone from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air to the Court Jester of Bel Air after one slap

Will Smith has ruined his career in my honest opinion. As I alluded to earlier, what should've been a historic night many turned into a disaster. Now when people look back at this year's Oscars, they won't be thinking about how Will got an Oscar for best actor; thus bringing light to one of sports' most prominent figures in his epic biopic. Nobody will talk about who won the best picture that year, or who won all the other acting categories. Oh no. It'll be on Will Smith slapping Chris Rock, and for what? A lame joke that most people didn't find funny anyways?

As we've seen with Bill Cosby and OJ Simpson over the years, all it takes is one mistake to mess up your career, and tarnish your legacy, when your a celebrity. "The Cosby Show" was once hailed as arguably one of the best TV sitcoms of all time, yet nobody ever talks about it anymore since Bill's alleged transgressions came out. OJ Simpson was once a beloved sports icon, and known for being a comedic actor in the "Naked Gun" movies too. But now? He's known as a murderer who got away with killing his wife allegedly, and various other criminal activities.

I fear the same is about to happen to Will Smith. "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" is arguably one of the best TV shows of all time, yet now it's destined be like "The Cosby Show", where it was once held as a TV classic to now it'll be overshadowed by it's star's recent transgressions. Will Smith has made some stinkers in the past, but he's also made a lot of great films too, and he's arguably one of the best musicians of all time as well. The man is arguably one of the best actors in Hollywood, yet now he'll only be remembered for this one incident that will forever overshadow his career. Maybe I'll be proven wrong in the process of time, but I doubt I will. Look at what's going on now. Will Smith won the Oscar for best actor, but most people are talking about the slap he gave Chris Rock.

Nobody is talking about his Oscar victory as they should've if this incident didn't happen, and Will has nobody to blame but himself for that.

The only good thing that happened this year at the Oscars is that it validated my decision not to follow it anymore. I was done with the Oscars last year when they mandated minority quotas, and this Will Smith incident only adds more reason as to why I'll never follow the Academy Awards again. The producers of the Oscars should be ashamed of themselves, and Will Smith should be too.

Yeah, Chris Rock may have been rude and insensitive, but it was just a harmless joke. There are no laws against telling a joke. But there are laws against slapping people out of the blue like Will did, and the fact that he got away with it on Live TV for everyone to see is beyond disgusting and disgraceful.

And to make matters worse, this is literally the same Will Smith that did a commercial once claiming violence is never the answer, so it's nice to see he never follows his own advice. Only goes to show that Hollywood doesn't practice what they preach, which is why Ricky Gervais was right. They're all hypocrites that have no business lecturing us on morality, and Will Smith just proved that at the Oscars in 2022.

Ricky Gervais couldn't have been more right about how toxic Hollywood is....

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