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"The Little Things" Movie Review

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The Little Things is a masterpiece in filmmaking. It's a film that gives you clues, makes you mull over them, throws in a twist or two, then ends with a jaw-dropping bang. You might think, 'what just happened' as the credits begin to roll. But, as you think about it and the wheels of your mind continue to grind, you start piecing together the subtle hints that the film dropped. That's when the shock hits you.

The film follows Deacon, a deputy who has lived in grief for years. He had a bad case once that hit too close to home and he had never been able to shake it. Years later, a string of deaths that match the MO of the killer who got away catches Deacon's attention. He partners with the lead detective to try to finally catch the killer.

First off, Jared Leto deserves high praise for his performance. He is absolutely brilliant and can play creepy very well. In fact, it's creepy just how good he is at being creepy.

Secondly, the dynamic between Denzel and Rami's characters is superb and brilliantly written and performed to perfection. Denzel hasn't lost his touch at all and still manages to blow our minds by playing a character that is so broken that he feels beyond repair but at the same time is brilliant and sees things others can't.

The film doesn't provide a definitive answer to a lot of aspects of the story but rather leaves it up to the viewer to discover the answers on their own. Everybody will no doubt have their own theory. I certainly have mine but who knows if I'm right or not. I think that's the point. Once you see the film, you realize that there's more of a gray area in police work than people want to admit. Can you be a good guy all the time? Can you be bad all the time? Is everyone a mix of the two?

In conclusion, definitely check out this film if you're a lover of philosophical, psychological drama or if you just live crime stories. It'll keep you pondering for days. I give the film a 4 out of 4.

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