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The Lion King (1994) Movie Review - Still One Of The Greatest Disney Movie Ever

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Image From Wallpaper Access

The Lion King is a 1994 American animated film produced and released by Walt Disney Studios. From the breathtaking animation that holds up still to this day to Hans Zimmer's Oscar-winning score, this is without a doubt my favorite Disney animated movie of all time.

The movie gained extremely positive reviews from the critics for its animation, music, screenplay, story, theme and it also went on to become a huge box office success with generating nearly a billion-dollar revenue.

It is currently the 50th highest-grossing movie of all time not adjusted for inflation and 19th highest-grossing movie when adjusted for inflation.

It is one of those few classic Disney movies that can still give you goosebumps watching it as an adult.

It’s been more than 25 years since the movie came out, I would still rate it more than 95% of the Disney Movies that came out after this. The acting, score, animation, and storytelling are all breathtaking and they come together to make a truly timeless experience.

When I say a truly timeless experience, I meant it. Even Though the movie is purposefully focused on kids, the movie can be loved by audiences of any age group. Yep, anyone can vibe for Hakuna Matata. It proved it when the live-action version was released in 2019 and it went on to become one of the highest-grossing movies of all time.

25 years and nothing changed. It’s still the best.

Even Though some people didn't like the new live-action version, I didn't see any problem with it. The characters looked more realistic, and you do get emotional and a heartwarming sensation when watching your favorite character die or feeling sad.


The story revolves around a young lion, Simba who is supposed to succeed in his father’s position as the King of Pride Lands. But things change when Simba’s father Mufasa gets murdered by his brother, Scar.

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Scar also manipulates Simba into thinking that he is the one who is responsible for his father’s death and tells him to run away from the throne. And the climax of the story is about how Simba gets back the throne and saves the land from Scar.

These are some reasons why I love and enjoy watching the movie so much.


The story was fantastically written - A small boy losing his loved one, hiding from reality overcoming his fears to become the King of the Pride Land. It is so creative and imaginative. (The movie is similar to one of Shakespeare's plays -Hamlet).


The story is so moving and emotional that you will cry when Mufasa gets killed by Scar. (ooh spoiler alert for people who haven't watched the movie yet).


All of the song numbers are bangers: they greatly set the mood for each scene and they can get stuck in your head in a matter of minutes.

Every time I watch the movie, right from the beginning when “ The Circle Of Life “ starts, my inner child pops out. And they also got the perfect voice for all the characters, I mean James Earl Jones as Mufasa is just perfect.



The animation is just amazing, the forests to the characters, their emotions are portrayed amazingly. I am not going to leave out - Scar, even though we all hated him, deep down we know that he is one of the best-animated villains we have ever got.

And also, there is no review of The Lion King without these guys, one of Disney's best comedic duos- Timon and Pumba.


All in all, I would recommend anyone to watch the movie if they haven't watched it yet. You can check out the movie online on Hotstar.

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