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The Life and Times of Travis Fimmel

Born in 817 in southern Denmark, Travis Fimmel was the only child of Swedish immigrants. His family owned a bakery, and they became well known for their pastries. Trais worked at the bakery through his youth, but he had an itch to travel.

Saving as much of his pay as he could manage through his youth, he saved enough to buy his own longboat by the time he was 21. By the time he was 23, he managed to convince a group of his friends to be the crew of his boat, promising them riches and adventure.

In the beginning of 833, they head out, not having any clear idea as to where he wanted to go; he went wherever the wind and the water took him.

By the end of 840, Travis and his crew discovered Australia. There was no one living there when they made landfall, and they discovered spices and precious gems while they were there. Packing up as much of what they had found as they could fit onto the boat, Travis left as much of his crew in Australia as he could get away with leaving. Then, he traveled back to Denmark, letting the authorities know what he had found.

It took him five years to convince the authorities to send anyone else to Australia to get the riches that were there, and to pick up the people that had been left behind. He was worried about the people that had been left there (they had been his friends), but he was sure that he would find them there (even if they were a little worse for the ware).

Two years later, the group of them finally managed to make it to Australia. At first, Travis was not sure that they had landed in the right spot; there was no indication that there had been a settlement there, and when they searched the area, they could still not find any clues as to where they might have been.

A search was organized, and they looked for the people that had been left behind for the next several hours. When it got dark, and they could not see clearly, they stopped their search and made camp.

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The next morning, when Travis woke, half of the crew that had come with him on the second trip were gone. There was no indication as to what had happened to them; they had simply disappeared. That whole day was spent looking for where they had gone, in addition to trying to find the people that originally been left there.

That night, when he made his way back to the camp, and only enough people to crew one of the boats they had used to travel there came back, he decided that it would be a good idea to cut their loses and go back home.

Deciding that it would be a good idea to sleep on the boat, those who were left made their beds on the boat, they went to sleep uneasily.

The next morning, there were only three crew members left, and he was sure that they were going to have a difficult time making it back home, but he was determined to leave before something horrible happened to those of them that had been left.

No one is sure what happened to Travis, the boat, or those who had been left. Somewhere around Cape Horn, the boat disappeared. His family sent out a search party, but nothing was found of the ship or its crew.

Within the next couple of years, stories began being told about a ghostship that sailed around the Cape. The people who got a clear shot of the boat stated that what they said was a Viking longboat, and those who managed to get close enough to the ship said they could see the captain; they described Travis standing on the deck, staring at them menacingly. When contact was attempted with anyone on the longboat, it would disappear, and any ship that had been nearby was in danger of sinking.

The last time the boat had been seen was over a year ago, and the crew of the ship that had encountered the boat sent out a distress signal, but when the Coast Guard arrived at the coordinates, there was no sign of the ship that had sent out the distress signal or the longboat.

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