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The Life and Times of Robert Carlyle

No one is quite sure when Robert Carlyle was born, or when; the first that anyone was aware of him was in Scotland some time in the 1400s. He was a wanderer and a tinker, doing odd jobs for the people that he came across. It was not long until he started brokering deals with people that usually benefited him more than anyone else.

When he came across a group of Picts, he struck up a deal to keep outsiders out of their country. Using magic, he created Hadran’s Wall. The wall kept their people safe for two thousand years, but when one of the Picts crossed the wall and dislodged a few of the rocks, it put all of them in danger. Outsiders were then able to cross the border, subjugating and killing them.

The Picts tried to find him to create a new deal (hearing that he had been wandering somewhere nearby), but none of them could find him.

Years after the creation of the wall, he was seen in Wales, gathering large stones, and shaping them. Within the next few months, Stonehenge was created. No one saw its creation; one day it was not there, and the next day it was. There was no indication as to what it had been created for, it was just simply there. Sometimes at night, he would be seen there, but no one that thought they saw him there is sure what he was doing. Within a year, the king of the people who had been attacking the Picts got married, and his wife had a son. This child was believed to be the savior of his people, and Robert stayed with him for several years, acting as an advisor for him.

When the king died, Robert moved on, and he was not seen for many years. The next time he was seen, it was in China, and he was the one who created the Great Wall (making a deal to create it to keep out monsters). The Great Wall was finished just before an attack by the monsters that it had been created to protect the people from, and Robert joined in the fight.

No one is sure what happened to him during the fight. Some people swear that they saw him die; some people swear they saw him after the battle was over (seeing him making his way away from the battlefield). Whichever it was, no one is completely sure what it was.

But whichever the case may have been, it is said that he will come to you if you say his name three times in front of a mirror in a darkened room; he will come to you and strike a deal with you for whatever it is that you desire the most. Those who claim that they have made deals with him in front of the mirror claim that he always came out the better for the deal (and they came out the worse).

If you desire to make a deal, and you call upon him, make sure that you are careful with the wording so that he does not take advantage of you.

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