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The Life and Times of Freddie Mercury

Born on a small island in the Indian Ocean at the turn of the first millennium, Freddie Mercury grew up in a middle-class and religious family. He lived a happy childhood, not understanding how different he was to other people.

When he was ten, his abilities first manifested. In a tense situation, wanting to protect himself (and get himself out of the situation), he was slowly able to persuade the person with him to do the things that he wanted. At first, he did not believe that he had done anything to make himself safe from the danger that might have befallen him. It was much later, after speaking with someone the other person had described the situation to that he realized that something out of the ordinary may have happened.

Deciding that he was going to test the hypothesis he had formed (that he had been the cause of something strange), and he tried to persuade someone else to do something that he wanted to them to do. It took a few minutes for him to manage it, but eventually, he did. He convinced the person to do something simple.

Pleased with himself, he let the person have their own will back, and he decided that he was going to try and use his abilities on multiple people at the same time. It did not work right away, taking him several times to manage. But when he had made it happen, he tried to make it happen with an even greater amount of people.

As time went on, he realized he had an affinity for music, and through the use of music, he could use his abilities more easily. As a result, he began learning to play various musical instruments, becoming the most adept at the piano.

When he was in his early 20s, he moved to the mainland, traveling through various countries. Along the way, he met three other young men who were also musically inclined. These three became his disciples, and they traveled through several countries together.

It was around this time that Freddie decided that he was going to start using his powers for good. So, the three of them would assemble as many people in one place as they could manage, and at a certain time, they would use their music in combination with Freddie’s abilities to charm and persuade the people in attendance to do what Freddie suggested: be good to one another.

They traveled the world for several years, spreading good will to as many people as they could manage. But then, one day, Freddie began to show signs that he was ill; his body could no longer handle the use of his abilities to the extent that he was using them, but he did not stop trying to persuade people through music to be good to each other.

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One day, while he was in the country that would later become England, he was seen by a group of his acolytes. When he left them, he turned a corner to go to what served as his home at that time, and the acolytes followed a few steps behind him. As they turned the corner, the first of them swore that he saw Freddie disappear into thin air (becoming a beam of light), but those who were behind him saw nothing.

From that point onward, no one has seen or heard from Freddie directly, but there are many who claim that they have heard him singing to them. When this happens, they are overcome with the desire to help others, lift others up, and make sure that the people around them are safe.

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