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The Life & Career of Japanese Pop Music Singer Yuki Kashiwagi

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Why Is Yuki Kashiwagi Important?

In the history of girl group AKB48, there is one member that is still significant even if she may not be talked about as much as some of the other members in the group's history. That member is Yuki Kashiwagi who was also a member of girl groups French Kiss and NGT48, one of the newer Japanese girl groups.

A First Look At Yuki Kashiwagi


Kashiwagi Has Met One Very Famous Singer & Released Two Solo Singles (Until 2018)

For Kashiwagi who was just 25 years old at the time, joining another idol group only added to her popularity and fame in Japan. She has met Japanese idol singer Rika Ishikawa, released two solo singles and become one of the most famous members of AKB48. Kashiwagi has released the solo singles Short Cake and Birthday Wedding.

Birthday Wedding is a song that describes the feelings of a couple that decides to get married.

Yuki Kashiwagi With Asuka Kuramochi & Aki Takajo

From left to right: Asuka Kuramochi, Yuki Kashiwagi, and the lovely Aki Takajo!

From left to right: Asuka Kuramochi, Yuki Kashiwagi, and the lovely Aki Takajo!

Yuki Kashiwagi is Special Because

But we will still write about her anyway. If this happens to be my last article about a Japanese idol singer, it will be about one for those Japanese idol singers that also has not been ranked outside of the top 10 during an AKB48 General Election every time she has been ranked. In so doing, she has performed so well that she joins Mayu Watanabe as the only other Japanese idol singer to have never been ranked below the top ten!

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Who is Yuki Kashiwagi?

Kashiwagi had a very interesting beginning to her career as a singer. In fact, it looked like she might not have been allowed to pursue her dream of becoming a singer because her mother didn’t allow her to go to Tokyo in 2005 for the audition process for AKB48. In February 2006, Kashiwagi applied again, this time for the second generation of AKB48 but once again, disagreements with her mother didn’t allow her to go for the audition process. In July 2006, Kashiwagi at just the young age of 15 applied for the 7th generation of Morning Musume but she failed the 3rd round of auditions. How about that? If she had been accepted into Morning Musume, she could have sung alongside Koharu Kusumi! Fate however would take a different turn for Kashiwagi who applied for the third generation of AKB48 and she was this time accepted and joined the original Team B in spite of her father being against it. You can’t stop a person that is so determined to pursue their dream right? Of course not and I am so glad that Kashiwagi became a singer! It would be in February 2008 that AKB48 would test its members to find out if they were physically fit enough for AKB48 and this was called AKB48 + 10. Yuki’s physical condition at the end of the tests was determined to be a 10, thus she was considered the fittest member of the group at the time. On July 26, 2011, search engine Google came up with statistics that showed that Yuki Kashiwagi was the most searched AKB48 member according to a survey! On July 1, 2014, it was reported that Kashiwagi had just opened a Twitter account. That news may not be a big deal because celebrities always seem to like using Twitter. It is said that within 1 hour of creating a Twitter account, she gained 30,000 followers! On December 5, 2018, Kashiwagi released her 3rd solo single called “Sokkenai Kimi” and it ended up being her first solo single released since Birthday Wedding in 2013. There were plans for Kashiwagi to hold a solo LIVE tour from January 2019. Kashiwagi revealed that this would be her first solo tour at the Zepp Arena as a solo singer so she wanted to become one with everyone and make it a lively atmosphere! She was planning to sing some AKB48 songs as well so she had said that she had wanted people from everywhere to show up to her solo concert.

"Birthday Wedding"

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