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The Lego Movie (2014) An Overrated Toy Story Rip Off


This movie (The Lego Movie) uses multiple licenses to distract you from its poor story showing you Gandalf star wars or batman to distract children and idiotic man-children like just because they recognize something in a movie that automatically makes it good somehow. Toy Story had few licensed toys in it at least in the early days when it was still good, but it did not try to distract its audience with recognizable characters and it had an interesting story with well written developed characters and not cardboard cutouts of pre-existing characters. Lord and Miller are untalented hacks who ruined solo a star wars story that they had to bring another hack director to fix their pile of crap. They also recently made a crappy movie adaption of a mediocre spider-man comic that focuses on a bland version of spider-man who's only differentiating character trait from Peter Parker is that he's black but that's a story for another time back to the Lego movie.

The Movie reveals around the second act that these legos are all part of a toy set and its a father and a son who are all but creating the plot for the movie. The Father wants all the Lego to be in their separate areas while the son wants to fuck it up by putting batman in the millennium falcon and the ninja turtles in the lord of the rings. The father then has to use superglue to stop his moronic son from messing up his model sets. But the kid hates model set and doesn't understand the value of having toys and not playing with them of crafting each universe for the toy and displaying them in said area. So by the end, the kid convinces his dad to let him ruin his display sets and jacks up his Lego sets. I know that kids like to play with stuff but I don't see why the dad didn't just get a generic set for his son to play with to keep him from messing up his model sets. Dads like to build model sets and not play too much with their toys as they are fragile and expensive.

It's the plot of toy story 2 either get played with and fade away or live forever in a sterile environment but the writer tries to disguise this cliche and un-creative plot by dressing it with all your favorite characters and some stupid poorly written songs distracting you like a stupid baby with toy keys from the actual story which is lackluster and mediocre at best. The story ends with a happy ending and then the little sister is allowed play and to mix in her toys also like the end of toy story 2.

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