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The Kingsmen



The Kingsmen might be a popular term from the recent films success of the same name, but these Kingsmen are making their own legacy in music fitting for a King.

I caught up with Ron Thomas, Andre Lowe, and Isiah McKinnon to talk about their music and building a music empire.

Q&A With The Kingsmen

RW) I referred to the term Kingsmen in the introduction as being a secret British Spy organization popularized the last few years in the movies. How did you guys come up with that title for your music producing, and what are your names for our readers?

KM) Ron "Dealz" Thomas, Andre "Dre" Lowe and Isiah "Zay" McKinnon. Together we are "KINGSMEN." The origin of the name Kingsmen is pretty unique. Dre and I (Zay) met as kids at a church called King of Kings and then we both went to a school called Kings Kids Academy. Our friendship continued over the years and as we became grown men we wanted to honor that history. When you think of Kings words such as "character" and "integrity" should come to mind. Those are two values that we look forward to bringing to an industry that is widely known for everything but.

RW) What is the genre of music you guys produce, and are you also musicians, lyricists, beat makers, all of the above?

KM) Collectively, we enjoy all genres of music and are a team of musicians that can produce, write and engineer vocals for any style. So pretty much all of the above.

RW) Did you guys go to school for music, or did you just discover that you had these musical gifts?

KM) Interestingly enough all of our families were involved in or had a love for music. I guess you could say we came up the old school way and by "old school" I mean church. Lol We've all sang on choirs at one point or another. Ron has performed for "BET Music Matters", Zay plays piano by ear, is frequently asked to play for churches in the tri-state area and Dre learned music theory playing drums in high school.

RW) I know you have been working with some really talented artists. Who would you say is the most popular professionally that you have worked with to date?

KM) We've been blessed to work with a bunch of talented artists who are gaining more and more recognition. But in regards to the "most popular", two names come to mind.

First, Harlem rapper "Bathgate" who was signed to virgin records. In fact, his first album was produced by some of our favorite beatmakers Kanye and Just Blaze. The second name would be Celina Graves who was a semi finalist on AGT.

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RW) I understand you are currently in the studio with a very special singer who recently wowed the judges and audiences on America’s Got Talent show. Who is she and how did you come to work with her?

KM) Yes! Celina Graves is her name. She's a super talented artist with an amazing soul. We came to work with her through our management team BulLion Entertainment. Special shout out to our guy Anre Dacosta for the connect. He retrieved the vocal stems to a song of hers and asked us to do a remix. Her label liked it and asked to hear some more of our music. She thought it was the right fit and they made a decision to fly her out to the east coast to work with us for a few days.


RW) If you had to put Celina Graves into a genre of music, what genre would that be, and who does she put you in the mind of out there today (i.e., Alicia Keys, or Erykah Badu, etc.)?

KM) Ooouu That's a tough question. We certainly don't want to put her in a box. She's a singer! Like she can "sing sing!" Lol Because of that, we think she can do anything she wants. But there is absolutely space for her in the pop/rnb world. The strength and texture of her voice reminded us of Alica Keys. But her potential is limitless.

RW) Are you just working on a few singles for Celina, or an LP?

KM) It orginally started as just a remix for a single. However, the chemistry we created while recording was amazing. That same energy can be felt in the songs we produced for her and we are currently working on a few songs that will be featured on her latest debut.

RW) Who do you like out there right now on the music scene that you would love to produce for?

KM) We all would love to work with a number of artist. The ones that come to mind first are.... Alex Isley, Snoh Alegra, Sza, Lucky Day and Giveon. They would sound amazing over our production.

RW) Where do you see your careers 5 years from now? What are some of your short and long term goals in this industry?

KM) 5 years from now we want to be known for creating a unique approach to the way hit songs are written and produced.

I think our short term goal would be to break a new artist and land placements for well known artists as well.

Long term we would like to establish a label that completely changes the way business is done now. A label where creatives are properly recognized and paid for their art.

RW) If someone out there is a singer/songwriter looking for three dope producers such as yourselves, is there a way for them to contact you, and how do they reach you?

KM) You can email either us or our management and someone will reach out:

RW) Where can our readers follow you on social media?

KM) Our IG handle is @kingsmenmg @ronthomasmusic @dre.kmg @_zaiah_kmg

Thanks guys. It is always fun for me to feature such wonderful talent ahead of their fame going viral and global. We look forward to hearing a lot of great music from you guys over the years.


[Our] Long term [goals are] we would like to establish a label that completely changes the way business is done now. A label where creatives are properly recognized and paid for their art.

— Kingsmen

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