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The Judgement (2021) 'New Turkish Sensation'


Yargi (Judgement) is new Turkish drama series with surprisingly great production with amazing acting performance of duo Pinar Deniz and Kaan Urgancioglu.

Screenwriter has been working on screenplay for more than two years and it is notable such great effort with scenes that are breathtaking, whole other level of acting.



A lawyer’s and a prosecutor’s path crosses with a murder case that becomes personal to both of them, testing their boundaries and their willingness to do what’s right for their loved ones.

Their acting impress me, both of the characters posses strong personality, they cross path and with a reason, they share tragedy that brings them closer. Suddenly, everything becomes so personal, so intimate and emotional.


Ilgaz (Kaan Urgancioglu) is a prosecutor who gets his hands on new case of a young women found murdered in garbage. When he finds his father’s credit card which by the way was stolen by his younger brother Cinar, he connects the dots.

Cinar becomes suspect and everyone are so convinced that he had something to do with her death. Soon, Ilgaz realizes they will need a proper lawyer and that’s when Ceylin (Pinar Deniz) gets in the picture.


Ceylin is someone who really cares about other people, during her conversation with Ilgaz she states that she is willing to defend a person whether that person is guilty or not.

At first, she is involved as Cinar’s lawyer, but then at the end of first episode we find out the victim’s identity – Ceylin’s younger sister.


While Ilgaz is willing to believe in Cinar’s innocence, Ceylin is going through some rough stuff. She doesn’t believe Ilgaz just choose her randomly for the job, she now blames Cinar for her sister's death.

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Ilgaz is shown to be true male protagonist of the story, with its harmony and personality he tries handling the situation that is tragic for both sides.


Ceylan doesn't choose techniques or weapon when it comes to protection of her clients, before she finds out her sister was the victim, she decided to get rid of Cinar's drug before police finds it.

When they find victim's shirt in the car, she wanted to get rid of that too but Ilgaz decided to show it to police.

But right now it's hard to believe in Cinar's innnocence, since the victim was her sister.


Cinar is someone who is described as good person, after his mother's death he somehow lost his path.

He kind of tests his boundaries, but according to Ilgaz he could never kill another human being.

With his father being policemen and his brother a prosecutor, Cinar is no allowed to have a special treatment, something that his own father mentions.


The third episode will be broadcast on October the 3rd and it brings another mystery surrounding Ceylan's sister's death. Apparently, there was a confusing photo found in Ilgaz's father's car and it is connected to the death.

This series gets more emotional and unpredictable with each episode, we are only on third episode and it's unbelievable!

The chemistry between Ilgaz and Ceylan is off the charts, with such incredibly written screenplay and Toygar Isikli's music in the background those two are true stars as far as I'm concerned.

© 2021 Ljubica Babic

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