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The John Lennon Home Recordings 1974-80

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Once Yoko and John got back together in the mid-70's, the couple would eventually have a child, Sean. It was then John decided to do other things than music for a period of nearly five years until 1980. He had longed to do some sort of musical, he travelled, but the urge to create songs never left him. It was like something was missing to him. Songwriting was as natural as breathing to both himself and Paul. It was in his blood. Songs would suddenly come to him usually in bits and pieces, but sometimes whole sections. That is why he always kept a cassette recording machine near his bed or room, As he said, if he didn't write down the inspiration- whether a melody or guitar riff or words, he would forget them once the inspiration left. Like Paul, John felt inspired when sitting at the piano and the creativity juices would just start to come out as the keys were played.

While John said he did no music between 1975-80, after his son was born, that is simply not the case. Many of the songs on his last 1980 LP were drafted in this period. But, he had many other songs in various stages of development on his cassette tapes. Some of them are quite stunning, beautiful songs, despite the poor audio quality and lyrics. What John was doing was memorializing a melody or chord progression along with some lyrics for future development into a final product as he had done with the Beatles.

Songs Worthy of Attention

While it can be said that not all of the hybrid songs were great, each one offered something good- whether it was the words, riffs, melody. Sometimes, they all were present. The following are the better never released songs left unfinished:

  • Now and Then - A Hauntingly beautiful song in melody and piano. It lingers in your mind long after you have heard it in many ways. The lyrics seem to be looking back at Beatle days, the group itself, and Paul. The mid-section is equally great with his falsetto high notes but here the lyrics seem to be talking about Yoko, or maybe both. One could hear this song be on Abbey Road with Paul's harmony.
  • Solitude - Equally as beautiful in its own way as Now and Then.
  • Memories - John is definitely looking back as a 40 yr. old man just like he did in the 1965 song, In My Life, on the Beatles Rubber Soul LP.
  • Gone From This Place
  • Serve Yourself
  • What Ever Happened to?
  • Help Me To Help Myself
  • Tennessee (for a planned musical)
  • She's A Friend Of Dorothy (for a planned musical)
  • Cooking (In the Kitchen of Love) - Ringo had been scheduled to play on this track.
  • Son of Nature - Recorded in 1968 for the White LP but never used. It would become the building block for his 70's song, Jealous Guy. Son of Nature is a way better melody, however.

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