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The Jamstack Speaker Makes An Electric Guitar Truly Portable


Play Your Electric Guitar Anywhere You Want To

An acoustic guitar is by its very nature portable — just take it wherever you want, start to play and the notes are heard. Not so with an electric guitar because there’s technology involved which requires electrically amplifying what is being played and transmitting that to a speaker to be heard out of. So to make an electric guitar “portable,” you have to take a speaker with you. And unless that speaker is battery powered, it will need to be plugged into an electrical outlet for power. So considering that you have to carry a speaker with you if you want to play that electric guitar outside or where there’s no speaker handy, you can’t really call an electric guitar portable because there’s so much trouble involved in being able to play it. That’s the brick wall that the Jamstack decided to smash through and it does it so well that nobody can argue.


Jamstack Is Portable

Jamstack is small enough to fit onto the bottom of the electric guitar, which makes sense because that’s exactly where it goes. There’s a digital amplifier working 10 watts which is amply loud for outdoors and mondo loud for indoors too. So you’ve taken it and your electric guitar (or electric bass because we used to play one and why should guitars have all the fun?) and attached the two together at the base — using provided cables to connect everything together so they can work together.

Now obviously the Jamstack has already been charged up (battery life aprox 8 hours and designed to change up quick) via USB like pretty much everything these days and so you’re almost ready to go. The one thing that’s new is pulling out your smartphone and tapping on the app either before or after it’s also gone into the mount that is now hugging the guitar. So see you’ve got both phone and Jamstick right there at the guitar so nobody’s gonna grab it or kick at it or have you scrambling for it if the crowd gets hostile (just joking but yeah keep the volume down if folks are around who prefer things quiet). But all joking aside, Jamstack’s less than 2 lbs so having it and a phone hugging the guitar shouldn’t cause any muscle aches. And the mount is designed for a quick on/off but only when you want it and can handle playing Led Zep with feeling.


The App Is Key

Using an app means more to how you can play the guitar. The app allows for altering tones and bringing up presets — basically you’ve got a mini-Moog working the guitar now. For sure you can play along to music from your playlists. Record a song or record a loop and then play it back while practicing lead — the app’s helping you out by giving you options, for example letting you use the screen to shred without concern of knocking strings out of tune, but it’s not doing the playing because that’s your business. That’s why there’s controls on Jamstick too.

Speaking of tuning, probably the best part is that the app makes it real easy to tune those strings (anybody out there remember tuning using a pitch pipe or tuning fork back in the day?). When we say it’s easy, we mean that. You get tuned fast because it’s about playing and not the technical side of things no matter how important they are. And while there’s other stuff working like a drum machine and a loop pedal and playing along with auto scrolling tabs and sheet music, we’d be remiss if not asking why the app can’t help you learn to play the guitar. So it does. And since Jamstack is using Bluetooth, should you want to take a break you can turn it into a BT speaker and let your fav group take over for a while. Plus it’s compatible with a lot of other apps so there’s plenty to keep you busy.


Now with all this portability and moving around, no way you’re sticking Jamstack in your pocket. You got to have a carrying case to carry it around in, so the one provided not only holds that but also a ton of accessories: cables and a phone mount and other useful stuff. The case itself isn’t all that heavy — say about 3 pounds — and it’s compact and durable and hard enough to protect what it has inside. Oh, there’s a handle at the top too, though it’s an easy toss into a backpack or knapsack. So take your electric guitar wherever you want and play it whenever you want because Jamstack is going to be loudly proclaiming how you sound.

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