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The Interesting Life of Japanese Fashion Model and Actress Nana Katase

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A First Look at Japanese Celebrity Nana Katase


Who is Nana Katase?

Profile of Nana Katase

  • Her date of birth is November 7, 1981.
  • Her home city is Tokyo.
  • She is listed as being 172 centimeters tall.
  • She has the A blood type.
  • She is a Japanese actress, singer, and gravure idol.
  • She made her acting debut with the series called Great Teacher Onizuka Special back in 1999.
  • During the 60th Television Drama Academy Awards in April 2009, Nana won an award for Best Supporting Actress in Uta no Onii-San.

She is signed to the talent agency called Ken-on. She received an award for Best Supporting Actress in the comedy called Uta no Onii-san. That comedy lasted eight episodes and aired in 2009. She looks like singer and former gravure model Yuko Aoki.

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2 Reasons Why Nana Katase Has Had an Interesting Life

Here is a look at Japanese celebrity Nana Katase and her interesting life. Her life is interesting due to the fact that her relationship status has been under a cloud of not controversy but constant speculation. And she has had a fascination with boots and that brings us to the next part of her fascinating life.

Nana Katase at the UGG Boots Store in Shibuya and in Young Sunday Web Issue #10

Nana Katase is seen here at the event for the UGG Boots in Shibuya.

Nana Katase is seen here at the event for the UGG Boots in Shibuya.

This photo of Nana Katase is from Young Sunday Web Issue #10. The theme of this photo shoot is "walking on the rainbow."

This photo of Nana Katase is from Young Sunday Web Issue #10. The theme of this photo shoot is "walking on the rainbow."

Nana Katase and Boots

She was involved in an event to help a company promote its product. Japanese actress Nana Katase was present at an event (September 2014) to help an Australian boots company to promote its product, UGG Boots. The goal was to help UGG Australia start a new customizing service called “UGG BY You” and there is a store in Shibuya. Note: this is an old news story but it is still significant today in 2020 because of the constant advances in technology. The story about UGG Boots was the first time I ever heard of Nana Katase.

Nana Katase Makes a Comment About the UGG Boots

This store is the first such store to allow customers to design and customize their own boots. They have the option to choose which colors or designs appeal to them. There are over 100 million combinations and the customer can wear boots which no one else really has. Katase commented on the boots saying: “To be able to design and create my own original UGG boots is really cool. I’d like to design boots and give them to my friends as a present, too.” She made this comment and it became public on the website JapanToday.

"Galaxy" by Nana Katase

Nana Katase and a Glimpse Into Her Interesting Romance

Her relationship status has been something of a mystery. It was first reported by Yahoo News that Katase in August 2014, then 32 was dating actor Junpei Mizobata, then 25 years old. The two of them met when they were co-stars on the NTV drama called 35-sai no Koukousei. It was said that their chemistry was so good that they really hit it off and there were reports of the two meeting frequently at bars. However, her management company denied reports that the two were even dating. There is a tabloid magazine called Josei Seven that released a few photos of them shopping together and leaving a famous bar. Nana has denied that she was dating him in the past, saying that the two of them just had a normal discussion and that Junpei was just asking her questions that were work related. It turns out that Katase was not lying because the two of them had been together since the start of 2014.

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