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The Inbetweeners' Best Moments

Self-proclaimed Anglophile that grew up with such British shows as "Are You Being Served?" and "Keeping up Appearances".

Will, Neil, Jay, Simon

Will, Neil, Jay, Simon

A Quick Refresher: English to English Translator

A refresher for the commonly used words in the show. I've excluded anything derogatory.

British English SlangAmerican English






Great, Right, Okay.

Bloody Hell!

Can mean anything from "Oh Dear!" to "Oh Crap!"












like or find attractive


hot, attractive





half three

half past three (3:30)




friend or dude


cool, mind-blowing


not an attractive person




someone who may be unhinged

P*** off! (synonym for urine)

Go away!




kissed or had sex with


certificates of completion. In the Inbetweeners', it would be similar to a high school diploma in the United States.




real (Example: He made you look like a real fool.), or Okay., depending on context.

rubbish bin

garbage can


person who is pathetic



Sixth Form

Can be Grade 12 (also called Lower Sixth) or 13 (Upper Sixth), or Senior Year in the United States.


making out

taking the p*** (again; synonym for urine)

Can mean "You're being ridiculous!" to "You're kidding?!" to "You must be joking!", depending on context.


homeless person



Typical episode. HA!

Typical episode. HA!

Best Moments of Season 1

  • At the bar, when Will is told that he's too young to buy beer, and bribes another bar patron to buy them beer and then sit with them, with promise of dinner.
  • When Will dressed up in a older-looking suit and spoke about his non-existent party to buy illegal alcohol.
  • Simon's incessant and unpredictable cursing. It's so odd.
  • Will's attempted "movement" with Charlotte after him confirming that they were going to have sex. Typically Will for him to lie about his virginity and then proving he lied. I always loved how Charlotte challenged his neurotic ways, and seemed like they had a good chemistry.
  • Simon passes his driving test with the help of a driving instructor who makes passes at him.
  • When Will flipped out about seats on the ride at Neil's work, and then realized why the other gentlemen got those seats.
  • Our first introduction to "Petal", Will's mom's nickname for him. Tee hee. And then, of course, the running joke that the guys want to have sex with Will's mom.
  • Jay's lies about his exploits finally catch up when they go to the Caravan Club.
  • The music at the Christmas party! Wasn't that song (Cinema Car) so awesome. On a side note, I also loved Will's freaking out about the planning of the party, while everyone else trying to convince him that it was a good party. Earlier in the day, Will had a brief meltdown because nobody had the toilet signs. Simon reminded him that everyone knew where the bathrooms were. Leave it to Neil to ask where the bathrooms were.
Lauren and Will

Lauren and Will

Best Moments of Season 2

  • When Will was talking to the new girl, Lauren, and telling her about his nicknames. She admitted that she hadn't had the same experience. Later, for some odd reason, (again; it's Will, so who knows?) he spoke in Yoda jargon: "Feisty one you are". To which she responded that she thought he may have a problem.
  • Lauren ends up liking Simon and Will stands in the hall in front of them while they attempt to have a private moment. Will tries to sabotage Simon's date with Lauren. When that fails, Will proceeds to yell at birds. Later, he can't get the boat running while Lauren is trying to yell for him, and Will flips out on her. Did I also mention that Simon fell out of the boat, Will has him strip down to keep himself warm, so Simon (in his disorientated state) stands up naked in front of the class.
  • When it was Valentine's Day and Jay received a ton of Valentines, obviously all sent by himself.
  • When Neil thought driving a plane was an occupation and Will thought he was smarter than working in a garage.
  • When the gang went to London, Neil pees in a can, (in the car next to Will, mind you) hurts his "helmet" and keeps say "No problemo". Simon swaps urine-soaked shoes with a deranged homeless, Jay yells obscenities out of the window at bus patrons until they walk to the car at a red light, and get screamed at by a fruit wholesaler for parking in front of his truck.
  • The gang volunteers at a nursing home. Will's "funny walk" is remembered, Will thinks a wig...down there is a good idea after the guys sabotage Will's chances of physical love, and Jay does something very weird.
  • Poor Will and his effort to stay awake to study backfires literally: "I thought it was a fart." Everyone knows you can't always trust flatulence.
Charlotte, Simon, Will, Carly

Charlotte, Simon, Will, Carly

Best Moments of Season 3

  • Carli produces a ridiculous fashion show for a complete jerk who happens to have kidney failure. When Will objects on the grounds that only the popular and most beautiful people are being featured, he protests, and the jerk tries to make him look bad. Meanwhile, the 70's fashions are not even close to being accurate. Charlotte comes back to walk the runway with Will, who relents, and Simon has trouble...ahem...squeezing into a Speedo. My favorite part was when Charlotte was trying to string Will along again (with no prospect of him being a boyfriend) and he turned her down. I admit; I was a bit sad to see that side of her as she seemed to be a good person. (sigh) Bonus Points: When Mr. Gilbert criticized the fashion show as emcee.
  • When Tara and Simon are at the concert. She turns to him and looks like she's about to kiss him...then vomits...then kisses him. Ugh. The first time I saw that, I had to collect myself for fear of sympathy vomiting. (It's a thing.)
  • Every time Simon mentions Tara, Jay pretends he's in the middle of a breaking news bulletin. I think Jay was just jealous that someone else was getting all of the attention. It's one of my most favorite moments.
  • When Tara made Simon dress in that "eccentric posh child" outfit. And then Will accepts a non-compliment from the salesperson who designed the outfit.
  • When Will didn't know how to reject Carrie, the lovable, oblivious, tall Carrie, and of course, let her know in the most-Will (ineffective, offensive) way. Then, she turned around, made a big scene in front of Neil's family, and then lied about what he said. I would say she out-Willed him.
  • The chaos that ensues after Neil pees on Will in bed at college. If you haven't seen this show, that sentence sounds really bad.
  • In the final episode, when Neil starts a puking party in the tent. Ugh. So much puke in the show. I do love how Neil's bowels become a constant them of the show. If you see their two movies, and I think you should--they're as good as the show. Spoiler Alert: There's a scene in the second movie where Neil's bowel again makes its' appearance, much to Will's chagrin.
Will and Mr. Gilbert

Will and Mr. Gilbert

Will and Mr. Gilbert Moments

  • When Will told him that Mr. Gilbert "looked like an intelligent man" and Mr. Gilbert got offended.
  • When Will was coordinating the Christmas party, and accidentally called him by his first name. Mr. Gilbert corrected him and made Will say his name correctly in front of the large group.
  • Mr. Gilbert overhead Will talk about his mom on dating websites, with Mr. Gilbert interjecting, saying that his mom was "just his type".
  • When Will brings up the job shadowing mix-up to Mr. Gilbert and he refuses to change it. Will pushes the issues, and asks if he "can't, or won't". Why does Mr. Gilbert make his life a living hell?
  • When Will convinces Neil to tell Mr. Gilbert about his sexual history to figure out what he should do about getting another woman pregnant. Mr. Gilbert did not enjoy the conversation, but was happily surprised and proud of Neil when he finds out the encounter did not take place on school property.
  • Mr. Gilbert makes Will in charge of the fashion show, because he thinks "he could break him".
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Tara and Simon

Tara and Simon

Favorite Quotes

  • "So my dinner party guest list was shaping up nicely--four idiots and a racist Frenchman." -Will
  • (silence after Will's outburst) "How much Lego can you stuff up your bum?" -Neil
  • "The key is to let the shopkeeper know he's in control. It's like a Jedi mind trick." -Will
  • "Too jazzy?" -Suit shop owner
  • (after seeing that Neil is naked under his monkey costume.) "I don't think it's a good idea to be naked if you're working with kids. -Will But Mr. Monkey isn't naked. He's got a waistcoat and a hat."-Neil
  • "I may go to bed relatively hate-free." -Mr. Gilbert
  • "I never loved anything before, apart from a car or a sandwich." -Neil
  • "Has she got any special dietary requirements? It's just I've never cooked for an imaginary woman before". -Will
  • "How long's my lunch hour?" -Neil
  • "Good Morning. And shut up". -Mr. Gilbert
  • "I stopped believing in God when I realized it was just dog spelled backwards." -Neil
  • "This is a school dance, not the last days of Rome". -Mr. Gilbert
"Too jazzy?"

"Too jazzy?"

Did You Know...

  • The gentlemen who play Will and Simon (Simon Bird and Joe Thomas) went on to write a movie and star in a sitcom together called "Chickens", which was nominated for a Broadcast Award.
  • Simon Bird (Will) loves bread and "The New Yorker". He also started a PhD in Philosophy before signing onto "The Inbetweeners". Simon also never planned to be an actor; he wanted to be a comedian.
  • Joe Thomas (Simon) and Hannah Tointon (Tara) met on the show and have been dating for years. They are currently engaged. They also grew up in Essex--about an hour away from each other.
  • James Buckley, who plays the exaggerating, women-obsessed Jay, went onto marry Scottish model, Clair Meek. Jay would approve!
  • Jay and Neil are the only ones in the main cast who have Cockney accents. They are both originally from the near east side of London.
  • Even though Will, Simon, Neil, and Jay were playing high schoolers, all of them were older than the high school age they played. That's arguably why the show ended. At the time of filming, Joe Thomas was the oldest at 25, and James was the youngest at 21.
  • Emily Head's (Carli) real-life dad is Anthony Head. Americans may recognize him as Rupert Giles on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer".
  • If Greg Davies (Mr. Gilbert) seems like he knows what he's doing as a teacher, he has some experience. He previously taught for thirteen years. You think he And yes; he's insanely tall at 6'8".
  • MTV tried an American version that didn't take. I guess the humor didn't translate?
  • Spoiler Alert: At the end of the Inbetweeners 2 movie, we find out that Mr. Gilbert ends up with Will's mom, as Will runs away.
The gentlemen in real life.

The gentlemen in real life.

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