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The Importance of the 37th Single General Election for Pop Music Group Akb48

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Mayu Watanabe the Winner of the 37th Single General Election


Details About the 37th Single General Election

Note: this story about AKB48 is old news but it is still significant because the very cute Mayu Watanabe once again showed her worth among the fans.

It is now official! The results for the AKB48 37th single Senbatsu Election are now in according to the website of the famous Japanese musical group. The election was held in Ajinomoto Stadium on June 7, 2014. And as was said earlier, the top 80 ranking girls would be chosen for this 37th single which was released in August 2014. For the election, there were 296 girls from AKB48 and its other groups that announced that they would take part as candidates. AKB48 member Mayu Watanabe would serve as the center for the single. Note: that single is called Kokoro no Placard. What Follows from here is a detailed explanation for why the 37th single General Election (known as the AKB48 37th Single Senbatsu Sousenkyo) is such a significant event for girl group AKB48.

Reason #1 for the Importance of the Election Was the Status of Former Member Mayu Watanabe

Pop music group AKB48 holds general elections every year to determine who the most popular member of that group is. And as such, these elections are significant in the Japanese pop music and entertainment industry. The 37th single Senbatsu Election for girl group AKB48 has crowned a winner! And that winner is the great Mayu Watanabe! She is crowned "the AKB48 Queen." Since she was named as Queen of AKB48 following that election, not only was she the favorite member of the fans but in my view, she established herself as someone that could reach superstar status after the graduation of Atsuko Maeda.

A Photo of a Few AKB48 Members Back in 2014

From left to right as seen in 2014: Mako Kojima, Yui Yokoyama, Sayaka Yamamoto, Minami Takahashi, Mayu Watanabe, and Haruka Shimazaki.

From left to right as seen in 2014: Mako Kojima, Yui Yokoyama, Sayaka Yamamoto, Minami Takahashi, Mayu Watanabe, and Haruka Shimazaki.

Reason #2: This General Election Gave Birth to And Popularized the Song Kokoro No Placard

What also makes the 37th single general election significant is that it gave birth to one of my favorite AKB48 songs and this one is called Kokoro No Placard.

Mayu Watanabe in the Song "Kokoro No Placard"

This Victory In the Election by Mayu Watanabe Put Her On a Fast Track to Superstar Status

There is one writer that is calling Mayu Watanabe’s win in the general election an upset kind of win. What I am here to point out as we are six years into the release of Kokoro No Placard that this win by Watanabe was not an upset but a hard earned victory by a girl that persevered. The writer that calls this victory an upset kind of win by Watanabe is Dave from Doki Press, a sort of news agency or news magazine. Dave calls Watanabe’s win that year “perhaps the biggest upset of AKB48 2014 history.”[1] This 37th single general election is also significant for the reason that Watanabe who was said to be trailing Rino Sashihara by a significant margin won the election. Prior to this many fans believed that she had this election pretty much won which would have resulted in a second straight win for Sashihara but that was not meant to be. Many fans were left shocked but this win by Watanabe put her on the fast track to superstar status and showed fans that there were more than a few AKB48 girls who could bask in the glory of the J POP music scene. As of 2020 there are three major reasons why the 37th Single General Election is an important moment for the girl group AKB48.

Footnote: [1] T3h Dave, “Watanabe Mayu is crowned new queen in AKB48 37th single senbatsu election.” Doki Press, June 7, 2014.


T3h Dave. “Watanabe Mayu is crowned new queen in AKB48 37th single senbatsu election,” Doki Press. June 7, 2014.

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