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The Impact of Excessive Police Shootings

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And the more it happens, the more divisive and corrosive the whole police action becomes especially when the victims are black or brown. But to be fair, any skin color. Had it been an Asian or white person in the Floyd case, the trial would still occur and the sentence for murder be given. But because the media is so prevalent over any police shooting and the videos on social media appear long before any investigation has happened, it is very prejudicial.

There is different opinion about whether there is a systemic race issue in police departments even among people of color or are these killings just "bad apples" in the police department. Studies have shown that for a systemic problem to occur there has to be intent from the very top in a police department to be racist when policing, yet many of these police leaders are not white, but black. It is hard to believe that a police department led by a black or brown police chief would develop policing policies that target people of color and exempt whites!

The more the killings occur, the more it does look like their is a race part of this but only because of their frequency and outcomes. The tolerance for these is rapidly diminishing among some and even if the circumstances show that the victim gave cause for the police to respond in such a manner.

If during a police stop, a driver has a warrant out for his arrest, the whole complexion changes to more serious. If the victim tries to speed off in a car and cops fire, and one bullet hits the rear of his head killing him, regardless of skin color, is this bad police action? Was this an execution as the media state? The same applies if a knife is present in a scuffle and police arrive at the moment when another's life was at stake, and then police shoot and kill the person with the deadly weapon. Are these actions based on race or just circumstances that require split second decisions? If, in either case, it was black police officer, would the media and others use it to condemn all police departments?

The impact of the accumulation of killings all the time and in the media 75% of the time in news certainly gives the wrong impression there is a systematic race issue with police departments. This encourages a more bold public to resist and hate police who are there to protect. Defunding police is a radical result. Imagine no police department in San Francisco. The climate today is anti-police and the media feeds us this narrative. Some report just facts, others do so with bias, no matter what skin color is the police officer.

The least favorable profession is being a police officer. Recruiting is down 50%, no matter how much money they offer. The standards are also being lowered, which brings us to the "bad apples" aspect of this. Vet officers are retiring sooner due to this horrid climate against police. With lower standards for entering police officers, one can see how more bad decisions will be made despite training. One could also see how more bias could enter.

The bottom line is that each shooting must be looked at separately based upon the facts. Not all cops are bad cops, just like not all black men are dangerous. There will always be bad actors in any defined group.


perrya (author) on April 28, 2021:

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Well, there are so many aspects to both issues you raise. There is no one solution to any of them and it IS a political as well as social issue. I find it hard to believe your statement that blacks are more prone to violence due to their genetic makeup, LOL, that really is a racist view, IMO. I think we all know that there are bad actors in every race and in all walks of life which include police and those in the military who act out their racist actions under the color of authority by wearing a uniform. There are bad attorneys etc. None of this is genetics, it is one of upbringing, social environments, bad training, bad morals etc. Social media today plays such a huge role in shaping one's opiniions on this and many issues with the constant drum beat of bad police, which turns some of the public against them just or being a cop, that is racist in its own way.

MG Singh from UAE on April 27, 2021:

Perrya, after reading many of your articles I find you try and follow the middle path , now that is ok or not is a matter for discussion but the fact remains that a writer who follows the middle path cannot be a social reformer. Now coming to the police force your bland statements do not help. The fact is that there is a bias against the black man in the police force. Now making a statement that all blacks are not violent is irrelevant if I remember correctly I had read a study that the genes of the black man are most prone to violence and that is the reason on small incidents also the black man starts rioting. This doesn't happen with other people like for example Indians in USA. Similarly you made a statement that all muslims are not terrorist , very true but again 99 percent of the terrorist caught are Muslim. I suggest you read the Koran? Not recognizing the facts of black violence and terrorism is at Americas own peril.

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