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The Hunter Biden China Trump Lie

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Trump, is a desperate foe for Joe Biden. Despite his continued lies on just about everything just to get a vote, Trump must feel he could lose the 2020 election. His greatest avenue of attack is using the China-Ukraine Biden corruption. He goes after Hunter on the China deal, while going after Joe using the Ukraine episode. In both cases, no illegality is there. The ONLY thing present is an appearance of some sort of illegality or bad ethics.

China and Hunter Biden

On December 4, 2013, Hunter did go to China with his dad, Joe. On Dec. 16th, Hunter did join the semi-Chinese firm, BHR. BHR is just an advisory firm for its investors, much like any financial advisor. They do just that. The objective of the firm that had just been formed was to raise $1.5 billion for it's investors, not themselves, and surely not for just Hunter!

Hunter was just one of many on the advisory panel at BHR, it was NOT his private equity firm as many right-wingers claim. Hunter has zero financial interest in BHR until mid to late 2017, after Trump was president. He had a 10% interest worth $430,000. Hunter has yet to benefit from this interest. Yet, Trump lies about how Hunter got $1.5 billion from China for being on the board of BHR and it was his private equity firm. Hunter was an employee of BHR and while he may have got the job because of the Biden name due to his father who was VP then, this is typical for companies to do. It is no different than Trump selling his name to be used on a building because it helps business. Having Biden name on the advisory board of BHR elevated the newly formed firm. BHR was 50% non-Chinese staffed.

How is any of Hunter Biden's dealings with China different than Ivanka Trump's?

Ivanka, who was at the WH with her Dad, has her own private clothing firm etc. Isn't a bit ironic that the Chinese government gave her over seven trademarks for her brands around the same time period when President Trump vowed to find a way to help ZTE, a Chinese telecom company?

ZTE had violated American laws that limited trading with North Korea and Iran! Why would Trump want to help ZTE? Maybe Ivanka? A Trump Tower in Beijing? One can say that there is nothing wrong or illegal. True. But just like Hunter Biden, the Chinese curry favor to sons and daughters of parents who are in power. It's just business despite how bad it does look.


Leslie McCowen from Cape Cod, USA on October 22, 2020:

“it will just continue to minimize the US in the world.“

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And that is the point.

As Kennedy said, “Everything in politics is planned”

The question we all need to ask after 4 years, is “qui bono?”

Who benefits?

Look around. It’s not USA.

perrya (author) on October 22, 2020:

Well, when Trump paid $188,000 in taxes to China via a Chinese bank account and only $750 in US taxes it looks very bad. When Trump helped ZTE, a chinese telecom in trouble, and then, Ivanka was granted many trademarks for her private business while being a WH staff member, it reeks of quid pro quo. The Republicans are using just conjecture to connect Joe to Hunter's emails, which are nothing but chit chat between people. The chaos in the USA is the new norm and it will just continue to minimize the US in the world.

MG Singh emge from Singapore on October 22, 2020:

Perrya, I believe in the adage Caesar's wife also must be above suspicion, and if we apply that yardstick I'm afraid both Biden and Trump are unfit to lead the Americans. But my perception is that Biden will be softer in China and that is bad for America in case he wins he could be the Gorbachev of America.

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