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The Hunt for Gabby Petito's Killer: Brian Laundrie


A national manhunt has been happening since the start of September, that is when Brian returned from a road trip full of videos and pictures with Gabby, without her! We now know she was dead a little before Sept. 1. We know that Brian probably accidentally killed her through an argument that went physical because it had happened outside a Moab, Utah, restaurant and reported via 911. Brian had gotten physical with Gabby then and she was clearly afraid and shaken up. Perhaps Gabby's death was as simple as emotions spinning out of control or a shove turned deadly with Gabby tripping and falling on a sharp object. In the moment, Brian panics and splits the scene taking her credit card.

Look, up until the end, all the videos and pics showed a happy road trip from social media postings. A couple in love and due to be married. Then, things just went bad for them and she truly discovered what Brian was like. Maybe, she had told him the wedding was off. Maybe whatever fight that ensued just before her death was over something petty. In any case, there is only one suspect, Brian.

The Case Turns Weird

Brian returns to his North Port, FL., home on Sept. 1., without Gabby. That is the first obvious red flag that was ignored especially by his parents, or was it? No doubt they asked about the whereabouts of Gabby. Brian either lied (they broke up) or he told his parents what happened and he drove her van back. Neighbors indicate they saw Brian mowing the lawn and all seemed normal. So far, everything is under the radar. Keep in mind, Gabby was NOT reported missing until Sept. 11th, by her mother who had not heard from her.

We now know, that Brian and his parents went camping at Fort De Soto Park in St. Petersburg, some 75 miles away near Tampa. The park is huge and the first trip was from Sept. 1-3, while the second was the 6th-8th. They were registered at the gate. On the second trip, three campers registered but only two left on Sept. 8th. The De Soto park is just 1100 acres, while the Carlton Preserve in Venice, where the FBI has been searching for over a week is 25,000 acres AND is connected to via dirt roads and trails to the massive Myakka State Park. A person could hide quite awhile because not all of it is swamp.

In fact, the only reason why the FBI is wasting time at Carlton is because Brian had driven his Mustang to the park and had told his parents to pick it up. Maybe all of this was a hoax because it was well after Sept. 8th this happened. If Brian departed the area from St. Pete, he might have been able to reach the Appalachian Trail upon reached Georgia. His parents did not report him missing until Sept 14.

So, in the least, his parents are aiding and abetting a criminal. It certainly appears that way when you look at the dates. They went to De Soto Park to camp between Sept. 6-8. Only his parents left the campground. Brian had at least a week before he was reported missing on the 14th. Then, another week, as the FBI wasted time on the Carlton search. Between the 8th and 14th, Brian could have easily without much concern reached the Appalachian Trial in a car within 10 hours time. Maybe one of his friends took him. The FBI did not issue an arrest warrant until after the 14th for using Gabby's credit card to withdraw $1000.

Brian is most likely hiding somewhere along the Appalachian Trial or his body is. One can only survive in the wilderness for so long until they have to take a chance and return to civilization. But, the FBI should be charging his parents for aiding and abetting a fugitive, even if it is their son, however, difficult it must be.

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