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The Hollywood Breakup of 2021


Let's take a look at the list of those who have chosen the path of separation in Hollywood this year-

Kim Kardashian-Kenya West

Among the most talked-about breakups in Hollywood in 2021 were Kim Kardashian and Kenya West. The star couple filed for divorce in February this year after nearly seven years of marriage. Fans affectionately call them 'Kimi' together. The star couple got married in 2014 and have four children.

Camilla Cabello-Shawn Mendes

Even if you sing love songs, you will not be able to catch that love in real life. Popular Canadian musician Shawn Mendes and American pop musician Camilla Cabello have broken up with fans and announced their separation. They informed everyone by posting about this on their Instagram account on 16 November. They broke up after two years of love. Shawn Mendes writes on social media, ‘Friends, we have decided to end our love affair, but our love for each other has become stronger than ever. We started our relationship as friends and will continue to be friends. '

Jennifer Lopez-Alex Rodriguez

Singer Jennifer Lopez and former baseball player Alex Rodriguez broke off their engagement in April after four years together. The official announcement of their separation came a month after rumors spread that they had ended their two-year engagement over Rodriguez's alleged affair. They initially denied it. They were even seen spending the holidays together before making a final statement in April.

Joe Kravitz-Carl Glassman

One of the first big breakups of the year was the breakup of actress Joe Kravitz and actor Carl Glosman. Those who had been married for less than two years announced their divorce in January. They started dating in 2016 and got engaged two years later. However, none of them made any statement regarding the separation. "I'm married," Kravitz said in an interview. I'm divorced. 'She told another magazine in September,' Separation, a breakup is sad but beautiful.

Jane Malik-Gigi Hadid

Popular model Gigi Hadid and British heartthrob singer Jane Malik have parted ways this year. Gigi and Jane have been together since 2015. They have one daughter. According to media reports, Jane and Gigi ended their six-year relationship after an argument with Gigi's mother.

Kate Bosworth - Michael Polish

Actress Kate Bosworth and her husband director Michael Polish announced their divorce in August this year after eight years of marriage. Kate Bosworth shared a touching post on Instagram recalling their relationship, writing, ‘Our hearts are full because we have made this decision to separate. Because we were not so fascinated and deeply grateful to each other. Michael and I have chosen love every time we have been together for the last ten years. This time it happened again. '

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Grimes-Elon Musk

Canadian musician Grimes and Tesla founder Elon Musk have parted ways after three years together. Musk told the US news agency Page six in September that they were "half-separated but they still love each other, meet each other." He added that they would raise their son together.

Callie Cuoco-Carl Cook

The Big Bang Theory actresses Callie Cuoco and Carl Cook announced their separation in September this year. They are on the verge of divorce after three years of marriage. Carl Cook shared the post on social media, writing, "Despite our deep love and respect for each other, we realize that our current paths have taken us in the opposite direction." They have been in love since 2016. He got married in 2016 after learning the lesson of love.

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